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Pants-wetters are wringing their hands over the extinction of a possum, claiming it is due to globular worming.

Meanwhile, your tax dollars will go towards furthering the control the state has over everything around you.  Like the internet and how it is provided “for free” using your tax dollars.  Supposedly this is “private sector” working hand-in-hand with the gov’t, but you ought to call it another nail in the coffin… especially if you believe in self-determination via free market economy, AKA capitalism.


Why this guy couldn’t be ground up and fed to abandoned cougar or bear cubs is beyond me.  He’d be of more use that way.  I believe that idiocy should be rewarded.  I mean that in the same mean-spirited way I mean it when I say “I have faith in human nature”.


While I agree in principle and am sympathetic [and here, too]… because there is no legitimate reason why Obama should stall on providing clear and concrete proof… the ensuing riots if his president-elect status were revoked based on this “technicality” would dwarf the Detroit 12th Street riots, Watts, and the Rodney King (LA) riots combined.   Which is a pretty piss-poor way to not do the right thing, but there you go.


Nothink!  I did NOTHINK!

All right, so 3,500 troops drank 1.7 million pints of beer and 90,000 bottles of wine.  That works out to 9.3 pints of beer per week and 3 glasses of wine per week.  Two six-packs plus three to us average joes.

When 40% of your military (ages 18-29) is overweight and for the same age bracket in your average populationis 35%, you ought to be ashamed.  Sorry.  FAIL.

The report, published in March, concluded that the Bundeswehr lived on beer and sausages while shunning fruit and vegetables. It said that an overdeveloped bureaucracy was also contributing to a “passive lifestyle” on the part of the soldiers.

Wow.  Overdeveloped bureaucracy is the last thing I’d suspect from a member state of the EU and the UN.

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