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I know this is in the news but it’s too fun to pass up…

Australians urged to eat camels – to protect the environment.

The report in part says:

Australians were urged Tuesday to eat camels to stop them wreaking environmental havoc, just months after being told to save the world from climate change by consuming kangaroos.

Who the hell writes this stuff?  Who the hell writes news articles about it?

One of the report writers, Professor Murray McGregor, says a good way to bring down the number of camels was to eat them. (Bright spark, that one.)

Eat a camel today, I’ve done it – Prof. McGregor

If you are eating camels and you are not bringing the number of them down, the imagination is allowed all manner of horrific imagery.

You might have already bought into the idea put forward a few months ago where the Australians were told to swap out cows and throw in kangaroos.

Apparently they are less flatulent, at least where methane is concerned.

But (lets assume I am a pants-wetting globular worming freak) if you get kangaroos, the fences now have to be twice (or more) as high as they are now, thus doubling the amount of fencing and more than doubling the amount of work to build them, plus all the other little things that ‘roos entail where they are harder to work with.  I imagine trying to milk a ‘roo is (1) less productive in terms of quantity, and (2) damn near impossible.
Besides, “Come on out, I’ll put a ‘roo on the barby” doesn’t ring well.


Usually you can defuse this “In the Doghouse” kind of thing with a question showing lots of compassion, showing that you care and are supportive, like:

Is it that time of the month again?

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