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Thank God for the UN – if it weren’t for the UN to save our butts, we’d be in trouble.

Look how they have taken the lead by proving (by fiat, no less) that Globular Worming is real.

Another fine Netizen has seen the light, the (soft) spoken wisdom of AlGore, the one who paved the way for the Obamessiah.   Radioactive Liberty helps paint the grim picture in the care and attention that it deserves.  And he did it in June of this year.  A true peripheral visionary.

More proof that globular worming is real… the temperature of the snow in New Orleans is warmer than it has been in recorded history.  Well, ok, it’s only been four years since the last snow in NO.

Snow in New Orleans is a rarity. The last time it snowed was Christmas 2004; before that, the last snow recorded was in 1989, according to Jim Vasilj, a forecaster with the National Weather Service. Since 1850, snow had fallen in “measurable amounts” rather than traces in the city just 17 times, Vasilj said. Of the 17, today’s snowfall was the earliest in the season recorded.

As much as 6 inches had piled up in Livingston Parish as of 10 a.m., Vasilj said. Similar amounts were reported in Bogalusa and St. Helena Parish, while in Mandeville, between 2 and 3 inches had accumulated, according to Vasilj.

Just more evidence nailing the coffin shut in arguing for the harsh realities of globular worming.


The Dude sent me this.  No idea where it came from – if you did it, shout it right out!


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