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Whew.  Lucky for all of us, the investors screwed over in the Madoff financial ponzi scheme may get government protection.

Those of us facing job and home loss could use some good news, and seeing our beloved billionaires get some relief from their pummeling losses just brightens my cold coal black soulless heart.

No, really… “I lost my entire life savings of gobbledygook-bazillion dollars when I gave it all to this one guy to invest for me”… does this exactly cause you to weep with shared grief?  I don’t know what kind of world you’re living in but the one I live in requires diversification – which includes a good ol’ fashioned bank.

In case you wondered – a ponzi scheme is one where you take someone’s money to invest and instead of actual returns you take a bit of that money and give it back to the customer, calling it “returns”.  What is great about it is 99 people out of 100 could lose their shorts yet you somehow look like a miracle worker.  Problem is you have to keep people putting money in and not letting folks cash out or you lose your ability to pay those returns.

Slimebag?  Yeah.  Candidate for most hated man?  Nah.  Just a greedy old fart who should go to the same jail us commoners go to.


Even if you lower rates TO ZERO, if confidence isn’t there, it isn’t going to help.  This isn’t like Star Trek, folks!  Even if I get a negative rate I’m not about to do anything financially.

So lowering rates to zero?  Meh.


Here’s the kind of individual that we need to hold lotteries for… to see who gets to pull the lever on his electric chair.  I’d be more than happy to send this creep to hell or wherever he’s going to end up.

My moral flexibility is going full-tilt.  The poor girl will never be “all right” again but I hope they can help her so her life isn’t a relentless hell.

PHARR, Texas —  A 9-year-old girl’s letter to Santa Claus asking that a relative stop touching her and her sister has led to the arrest of a 55-year-old Pharr man on charges of continuous sexual abuse of a young child, according to a newspaper report.

Andres Enrique Cantu, 55, of Pharr, remained in the Hidalgo County Jail Monday night after his arrest Friday. His bond was set at $100,000. It wasn’t immediately clear if Cantu had an attorney.

The girl wrote the letter Thursday and turned it in at Cesar Chavez Elementary School, The (McAllen) Monitor reported. It wasn’t clear whether the letter was for a school assignment.

A probable cause complaint said a counselor at the school reported that the student turned in a wish list to Santa asking that the relative stop touching her and her sister. A day later she was interviewed at the Children’s Advocacy Center in Edinburg, which works with abused children, and told authorities about the alleged molestation. Police investigators believe the molestation occurred over a four-year period, according to the complaint.

The newspaper did not identify the relationship of the man to the girl to protect her identity.

The charge against Cantu is a new one, created by the Texas Legislature last year. It is part of a series of changes to the penal code called Jessica’s Law, designed to heighten punishments of sexual predators.

If convicted, Cantu could face 25 to 99 years in prison.

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