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Update: Say what you will of Bush, but he does care.  Plus the WSJ had an article some time back that I saved, and I saved it so it could not be forgotten as he leaves office and the Obamessaiah moves in.  (PDF file below)  Don’t get me wrong, he’s done a lot of stuff that I could not and cannot agree with, but the general treatment of him has been pretty damn poor.



Here’s Zoe… six months old and full of pee, vinegar, bad habits, and a ginormous big heart.  (All pics will grow if you click them.)


Me and dog.   It has taken a lot of work to protect my Mr. Incredible secret identity, hence the black bar.


Yes, it’s a 4×4 Jeep.  Yes, I could have driven to work.  But why, when you can telecommute?  Actually, a huge amount of time was wasted trying to get dug out.


Physically, I paid for that.  Paid and paid and paid.  Am still paying.  My neck is out.  What else is new, right?  Damn it smarts tho!

Ah, another one of Zoe…


Now…  what to get Dad or the Husband for Christmas?

Hint:  Get him something that you already have the money budgeted and/or set aside already.  Just plunking down the credit card for a spendy toy is not doing him favors, it’s just aging him prematurely.  No wonder we die first.  We want to.

  1. Tools.  Give him an envelope with cash in it marked “For Tools Only”.
  2. Games (proof that this is necessary is shown  here)
  3. Toys that blur the line between “dad’s” and “the kids”
  4. If you can’t give him a teenager to mow the lawn in time for this upcoming spring, AND can afford it, this is pretty sweet. (look for the robotic lawn mower)
  5. A universal remote.  Like this sports-car of a remote.  Ooooh, sexy!
  6. Don’t take this one personally, but he doesn’t always want to listen to y’all babbling, the dog grunting as it craps on the floor, wife’s girlfriends griping about their husbands, the telephone, or the kids fighting.  Noise canceling headphones.
  7. Gift certificates!  Know a place he loves and get him a gift certificate.  Most dads/husbands/boyfriends/guys do not really talk about what they have been wanting.  They just don’t natter on like females!
  8. This might actually be useful
  9. Trust me.  We want one.

Ways to kill your dad faster with useless or really annoying gifts.  We’re talking a critical fail or fumble.  No saving throw.

  1. A deed to an acre of the Pacific Ocean.
  2. Michael Bolton CD’s.  Any of them.
  3. Extra-small condoms.
  4. Calendars with cats.  Unless he likes them.
  5. One of these.  Definitely an insult with a bow.
  6. Likewise

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