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I need a cigarette and a shower.  And I don’t even smoke cigarettes.

A vacuum-tube CD player.  Go check them out.


I don’t know why but I suddenly started jonesin’ for all things SteamPunk.  No, wait, I do know why… because I’m working on making that home-made game and decided to do the board in SteamPunk – wood, brass, leather, rivets, gearing, piping… but only elements that harmonize and not overdone.  You gotta know when to leave off.

Here’s another great one.  SteamPunk goggles, which I generally feel are way over-rated but even so these come out leaps ahead.

Trust me, all of us put together can’t afford them.  But notice the irises… it makes my optical blood sing.  Suh-weet and scha-wing!



Went to (Short) Circuit City today.  Loved that store.  Best Buy survived.  Can’t figure it out, but anyway…

They had 40% off all movies in a “Going Out of Business” sale.  It felt like picking over the dead with a mob of 300 in there but I walked away with six movies for $38.

  • Saving Pvt. Ryan – every teenager should see it hell, everybody
  • Big Trouble in Little China – one of my top ten favorites
  • Chronicles of Riddick – dark, brooding, and a total Vin Diesel kickass flick
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Hey, it’s Harry Potter, c’mon
  • The Professional (aka Léon) – a VERY under-appreciated movie with two actors I like a lot – Jean Reno and Gary Oldman.  A young Natalie Portman did a good job in it, too
  • Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow – awesome movie

One that I wanted but was too expensive (listed at $21 and 40% off still was more than my limit) was Trailer Park of Terror:


… if Trailer Park of Terror isn’t haute culture, I don’t know what is.  It carries the bouquet of velvet elvis wall hangings, Mojo Nixon or The Reverend Horton Heat, coors beer mirrors, and beer can hats.  Actually I hear the movie has all the benefits of an old fashioned can pull-tab under the thumbnail.

I couldn’t remember which Grindhouse movie was the good one and which was the bad, so I opted out.  The wife didn’t like I am Legend so that was out.  Hancock was good (I’m an extremely loyal Will Smith fan – he’s just good – his scene in I, Robot where he describes how a human would have known better than a robot to save the little ten-year-old girl’s life rather than his because “that was somebody’s baby”… that was good) but the wife wasn’t interested in that.

Anyway, cell-phoned Cruel Wife and asked her if I should look for anything in particular.  She said “Over the Hedge”.  So I looked.  Lots of scuffling with one other shopper whacking me with a bag repeatedly.  I finally said “Look Grandma, you old hag, you need to back off, I have a right to be here too.”

“Get… off… my… foot!”

Oh.  Sorry lady.

The gal at the counter was helpful at first but then she got all bipolar on my ass and she copped an attitude.  All I said was “I can’t find Over the Hedge… could you special order that for me?”

Geez, no need to curse and spit at me, woman.

Would like to have found Ronin as well, but no joy.  The store was emptying fast and the back half of the store was occupied by nothing more than a few jittery patrons, cockroaches, and the occasional tumbleweed.

The lines were jammed full of unwashed masses.  It took 45 minutes to get to the checkout guy, and he looked like someone had grabbed his colon and dragged him ass-first through a knot-hole in a board fence.

Have a better one, buddy.


Working on the board game design still.  Not going to put gears in it, I think.  Will be putting wood, brass, leather, rivets, and even real stone tiles together in one case.

I think it’ll be nice.  Heavy as hell but this day and age of everything being light and plastic… meh.  That’s a problem I have with this generation – cheap plastic and lots of it.  No hard durable made-to-last stuff.  I want to make a game that will last a long time.

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