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Update:  Ok, yeah, so I want a full set… Each one fits on a single finger.  Nice.  Makes fighting for the halloween candy that much easier.


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Ok these too…  don’t ask me why I like them.  They look like you’d look like a total idiot wearing them, but they’re still neat.


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Update #2 – Enas has been trying to get me addicted to WoW, the EverCrack for the 00’s.  May I present to you a picture that I ran across a day or so ago?  I cannot recall where and it is not mine and I don’t claim it is mine – but it kind of illustrates one little fear I have regarding this type of game:


Now, on to our regularly scheduled load of tripe…


Found a web/blog that showcases great long-exposure photography.  Check out this one:

John A Ryan Photography

Source: Insight Imaging: John A Ryan Photography

Isn’t that just beautiful?  More long-exposure stuff can be found here at the Digital Photography School website.

Update… I keep going back to look at their pics.  I wish I was half as talented – go check them out.


Other fun stuff with digital photography is to be found as well.  I got very interested in Paul Debevec and Greg Ward’s work in HDR (High Dynamic Range) imagery a few years ago and really haven’t had the right tools to do the job but gave it a shot anyway.

hdr-july4-noon_20080704_smallThing to note with HDR photography is that you will be able to capture orders of magnitude greater range of exposure beyond what the sensor of your camera can supply.  Viewing an HDR (range compression) must be lossy because your monitor can only display a very small range of intensities (and is limited in terms of the CIE color spectrum as well, but that’s another topic).

What the preceeding paragraph is hinting at is that in one picture you can capture all the brightest points and darkest points in detail.  It looks… odd… but is fascinating to look at anyway.  If you want to really read up on it, including Ward and Debevec’s papers, fire me a note and I’ll dig them up for you.  Otherwise PopSci has a good overview here.


Technology is so… chaotic… in terms of cool or not cool.  Let’s look at the example of a USB Sheep Lamp.

usb-sheep-lampYou tell me… cool or not?  I have my own opinions but it’d be interesting to hear yours.


So if you are drunk and stupid, it’s still better to try to drive home than to ask a cop.  That’s the lesson I’m seeing here.

An allegedly intoxicated couple stopped at a police station to try to catch a lift home. La Marque Police Chief Richard Price said the woman collapsed in the lobby. Her 22-year-old boyfriend was arrested after marijuana was found in his shoes.

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,493015,00.html


Time for another look at movie posters.  This one is The Pumpkin Karver.  You just know that with the “K” standing in for a “C” that it has to be of the same kaliber as Killer Klowns from Outer Space, right?  It got 3.3 out of 10 stars at IMDB.com, which is usually pretty generous compared to RottenTomatoes.com.  PK wasn’t even rated on RottenTomatoes (no surprise) and Killer Klowns got a 73% on the Tomatometer, yay! (5.5 out of 10 on IMDB )   When RT doesn’t even deign to rip off your cinematic head and defecate down what is left of said cinematic throat, you’re doing pretty bad.

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

Love the poster though.  Nothing says “I wuv ‘oo” quite like a diseased klown.


Wow, the transgender godfather.  Yikes.  Go read the article.  I think this will help convince you to see it.  If the picture looks odd, wait till you see the real mobster.

I can be a bit critical of them doing this pic though… making fun of Brando… Mmmmm… I don’t know.

more later…

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