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Disclaimer:  I am railing at our collective victimhood, not the very real pain-response that comes from being out of a job, losing your home, or hardships from the current recession.

Americans used to be known for toughness, stick-toit-edness, strength of character… what are we now?

I’m not saying it isn’t devastating to have lost your job – because it is.  Very much so.  You get by and eventually you will find a job.  It is understandable and quite normal to be dealt a blow by it.  I was.

What is NOT understandable is how everybody else, the media foremost, who is acting like they have lost their jobs and the country is on the skids headed for a cliff, never to return.

As Americans we have historically ridden stuff out and we’ll do so again.  We have been tough ****ers and pulled together.


What is irritating the hell out of me is this tendency for everything in the media to be presented having gone through a gauntlet for the most depressing, demoralizing, negative bunch of bullshit ever spewed.   And for people to lap it up without a trace of discernment, without a trace of desire to verify the facts, and without a single bit of backbone that says “Panic won’t fix it, hand-wringing won’t fix it, and we just go one day at a time.  Together.”

People deserve to see how some people are rolling with the punches.  They need to see inspirational people around them.  They deserve to hear someone who has an opposing viewpoint, who just might be able to say “I think things will turn around and here’s why.”  They deserve leaders who by God, act like leaders instead of trying to scare people into accepting spending bills that no one in their right mind would countenance any other time.

The media doesn’t seem to realize or care – and no one calls them on it – that if you say something enough times… it starts to stick.  And they have been doing such a good job of crying doom that they are helping to create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’ve been thinking this for a while now and Bill O’Reilly, who I do not agree with even half the time (because he’s pushy and at times abusive to his guests), had something to say that rang loud and clear.  Note that it starts on a bad note, but then take notice of the point that he leaves on after having made it well:

And many of us are victims of the brutal recession in America. Again, we did nothing to deserve this. Most Americans are hard-working honest people who pay their mortgages and don’t steal money in rigged business deals.

But the government let us down and allowed business gangsters to run wild. And there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it.

That’s frustrating, and it makes people angry. Why should we suffer when we did nothing wrong and the government we hire by our votes to represent us was too lazy or dumb to protect us? Both parties are to blame.

But if we dwell on stuff like this, we become cynical and unhappy. So the best thing to do is to ride it out.

Thursday on “The Radio Factor,” I got a call from a young guy in Utah. He lost his job, he has three small children and no money. So what did he do? Well, he joined the National Guard. Now the government will pay for much of his college, and he’ll be able to feed his kids.

That’s an example of an American rolling with it, making the best out of a bad situation and even contributing to society after fate whacked him. That’s how we all have to think. We can turn a bad situation into something positive.

Life is tough. It isn’t fair. Bad things happen to good people. All of those cliches. But if we survive fate, it tends to make us stronger if we are smart about it.

Bill O’Reilly – http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,493765,00.html

(emphasis mine)

What happened to us?

I fear all we have done is awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve. – Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto after the attack on Pearl Harbor

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