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Plague-Boy™ Suit

A co-worker of mine recently showed up with multiple diseases in his system.  His work ethic was admirable even if he was oozing out orifices and potentially a chicken-pox carrier.

That said, everything he touched was crawling with death.

Thus, a new product was born.


plague-boy (PDF Version)

The co-worker in question thought it needed an “exremental overpressure valve, at 30psi”.  Great thought, just so it doesn’t become some nasty pressure-vessel about to explode, but it’s putting in a place where containment can be breached.  Nix that.


Did anyone really think the global warming thing was over?  Not until the UN gains control over everything.

Redistributing wealth.

A New World Economy.


Way long time ago, VP Cheney’s daughter’s lesbian status was big news and I said “WHO THE HELL CARES?”

Now there’s dirt on Biden’s daughter:

Video Offered for Sale Purports to Show Biden’s Daughter Snorting Cocaine

And I’ll say it again… WHO CARES?  So what?  Leave her alone.  She has zero to do with the offices of VP and President.

She may have been snorting Sweet-N-Low for all you know.   Or like a classmate did years ago in high school – snorted ground-up menstrual-cramp pills in english class.


Just think how bad it’d be if he was a teeth-filing blood-drinking conservative and hated the environment.

President visits G20 with entourage of 500.

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