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Pork Fat Flu

Update:  The epidural went without a hitch so far.  Neck hurts – aches and stabs by turns.  Everything is bound up tight inside, that’s for sure.  Keep your extremities crossed.

Found a good article today.  Cruel Wife is 5’1″ tall – maybe she’ll want to do this.  What’s 9 months of agony, she’s had two kids, right?  Breaking your legs to grow taller.  I don’t know that I want her any taller – she makes a great armrest when we’re waiting in line and I get tired.


Well it seems that perhaps the media, the UN, and a number of other countries <cough europeans cough> might have overreacted just a hair.


Pork Fat Flu... get it? Huh? Get it? Oh I slay me. When will reporters and UN sycophants actually behave responsibly?

As the reports have been saying all along, outside of Mexico the flu seems to be quite mild.  Even in Mexico there’s been question as to how many deaths were truly from the flu.

the current outbreak of the H1N1 virus, which emerged in San Diego and southern Mexico late last month, may not even do as much damage as the run-of-the-mill flu outbreaks that occur each winter without much fanfare.

This virus doesn’t have anywhere near the capacity to kill like the 1918 virus,” which claimed an estimated 50 million victims worldwide, said Richard Webby, a leading influenza virologist…

I suppose anything is possible but you have to wonder:  why would it be harder on a person who got sick with it there than it would be on a person who got it there and then went home  to the US?    There’s either a damn good reason or there’s none at all.

Let’s throw out some  examples of hysteria:

Swine flu: ‘All of humanity under threat’, WHO warns

Biden: Stay Off Subways During Swine Flu Panic

Toddler who died of swine flu visited Houston mall

World takes drastic steps to contain swine flu

Really, it’s considered mild.  Really.  Death toll is not going to be oodles and oodles of in-their-prime individuals.  This is like any other flu season.  Why the panic?  Yes, it’s too bad that there will be deaths, but where was the panic this last winter when the regular flu was going around?

Ultimately pants-wetters out there shouldn’t let facts get in their way.  Let’s go nuts and invoke cartloads of conspiracy theories on top of the normal hysterical theatrics.

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What I didn’t realize in the last round of cervical epidurals was that the clinic was in “cost-cutting” mode.

Regular stainless steel hypodermic tubing was swapped out in favor of needles made in Pakistan and India out of steel nails.  This wouldn’t have been a problem but the supplier got extra-really-awfully cheap and decided to use used nails.

rustyneedleAs you can imagine, these needles hurt more than the mainstream needles commonly used by most doctor’s offices and most needle-exchange heroin users.


Wavelet transforms of audio files.  Steve Hanov’s website is too cool.  Way way too cool.  Lots of stuff to geek out on.


Click to embiggenify the image


You like being conned?  Well, some of you out there must because y’all voted for Obama.

The southern pole’s Wilkens Ice Shelf was/is a con-job.  I was sent this by a semi-alert but caring individual who while wishing to be un-named bears a suspicious resemblance to The Dude.  It’s last year’s analysis but good points never die.  Here’s a PDF for you…



Don’t know if I’ve ever pointed out musical Shepard Scales, but it’s still cool. Check ’em out.  It’s like optical illusions for your ears.  More like Audible illusions.


It ain’t USB but it is kind of cool in a culinary nerd sort of way.  Thing is, it’s no good unless you’re on a 5 hour road trip… minimum.

Automobile crock pot.


If I had the money to drop on this, I would.  It’s not USB either.

Office Pod.


Keyboard pillow…  THIS is USB.


We’re doomed.

Stupidity isn’t a virus… but it sure is spreadin’ like one! – Sandy Cheeks in SpongeBob Squarepants

What more can be thrown at us?  Global cooling.  Poisoned Tylenol.  AIDS.   Ozone layer gone.  Bad scallions from Mexico.  Global warming.  Hong Kong flu.   SARS.   Meteorite impacts.  Bad tomatoes.  Massive gamma-ray bursts from distant celestial bodies.  Peanut butter.  Global cooling.

Dammit, we’re all gonna die.

Sorry folks but the track record is not a good one.  Problem is, 50, 100, 1000, or even 10,000 people out of a country of 300,000,000 is 0.003%.   That is 1 person in 30,000.    A normal flu season racks up 30,000 deaths.  More people are killed in cars.

Mexico is either having a hard time pegging whether this is the real deal in a vast majority of these cases or it has something to do with their air or water.   Given that this is a crazy world, could it be that there’s a susceptibility if you are of hispanic lineage?

Don’t know, but the cases in the US and many others are showing this to be a mild flu.

The track record of the media is piss-poor.   We can say that much with absolute certainty.


More proof that stupidity is indeed a virus!

Can the media stop performing fellatio long enough to take an unbiased step back and really look at what they are doing?  I doubt it, otherwise Reuters and People Mag wouldn’t be running this crap all the time – People magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People.

Michelle Obama, who has achieved celebrity status and has wowed the world as a fashion icon, made the list for the first time.

“I had a father and a brother who thought I was beautiful, and they made me feel that way every single day,” Obama told the magazine.


“I grew up with very strong male role models who thought I was smart and fast and funny, so I heard that a lot. I know that there are many young girls who don’t hear it. But I was fortunate,” she added.

Also included in a “Barack’s Beauties” section were White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and others.

When you start linking Geithner and Emanuel into the list as well as the First Lady, it’s pretty obvious that you’re oblivious to how ridiculous your behavior is.

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Quick Update:  Arlen Spector announces switch to Dems.

There’s a shocker.  It won’t make a change in how the votes play out because the slimebag has been voting like a flaming libtard for years.


Well, the Acupuncture Chronicles are a thing of the past.

In the face of unrelenting pain, now we move into the Epidural Chronicles.

The pain specialist (new guy) and his nurse practitioner are some of the most up-front straight-shooters I’ve run into yet.  They think they can help me, one way or another.

They’re going to do a run of three cervical epidurals.  Let’s hope these work because the following options are not so rosy – fusing vertebrae.


A question for those who stumble by…

Mexico has the highest number of deaths from Swine Flu.

Two questions:

  1. How many deaths are in Mexico City itself.
  2. How much can Mexico City’s worse-than-the-rest-of-the-world-except-Beijing air quality have a part to play in this


Google Maps tracker for cases of Swine Flu.


I hope the Palm Beach Post folks can forgive me but this guy is a hero and it has to be pointed out.  My condolences to his girlfriend.

Man, 70, drowns saving two boys in rip current

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Sunday, April 26, 2009

POMPANO BEACH — A 70-year-old man drowned in the ocean Saturday while rescuing two young boys who got caught in a rip current and rough surf off Pompano Beach, officials said.

Charles Schulze carried the two boys, ages 9 and 12, almost to shore in the 1200 block of South Ocean Boulevard.

At that point, onlookers jumped into the water, brought the boys onto the sand and checked them over to make sure they were all right.

The boys were fine. But when the beachgoers looked back at the water, they found Schulze floating face-down, Pompano Beach Fire Rescue spokeswoman Sandra King said.

Another man jumped into the water and pulled Schulze to shore. But despite the efforts of some beachgoers who performed CPR, the boys’ rescuer was pronounced dead a short time later at Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale.

Schulze lived in Pompano Beach and Washington, D.C., according to the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

His girlfriend witnessed the entire incident, King said.

“He’s a hero,” King said. “He saved the lives of these two boys.”

Is it entirely too much to ask of reporters that since the English language is their business and art, they ought to spell correctly and use proper grammar?

“It’s our responsibility to educate people on what they’re risks are and to encourage them to try to take measures to prevent the spread of the disease,” he said. “Certainly people should stay away from people who are know to be ill, practice good hand hygene, as well as good cough and sneeze etiquette.”

– found on Fox News.com

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Why?  Why must they look for the most sinister of explanations?  Should they rule out suicide immediately?


An X-ray shows multiple nails embedded in the skull of 27-year-old Chen Liu. (Source: Reuters)

Detective Inspector Mark Newham said yesterday that post-mortem examination results had showed Liu was shot repeatedly in the head up to 30 times with a high-powered nail gun.

Look everybody, it’s “Gallows Humor Friday”.  It is actually a pretty horrific thing to happen.  Whoever did this needs… help.


Not so fast… Nice smoke and mirrors, Obama.  Nationalization by any other name is just as scary.

…when the Administration leaked out word over the weekend of a plan to convert TARP loans into common stock in the banks, it did so with rhetoric that this was a way to rescue banks without asking for any more taxpayer bailouts. That drew attention away from the fact that this was an effective nationalization, with new outright government ownership in banks.

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Capturing bad guys isn’t what it used to be.  Detectives are less and less a necessity.


Key identifiers in a fingerprint make uniqueness but are not truly needed anymore.


DNA is unique, even if damaged, but it just doesn’t bring in the bad guys like it used to.

spongYet the rate of apprehension is at an all-time high.

Why is this true?

Investigation, fingerprints, dna… youtubeFacebook.

ArsonFlying a model plane near an airliner and Facebooking it. Cheerleaders assaulting other cheerleaders and youtubing it. Getting a DUI on a motorized barstool on youtubeMurder of pedophile priests in prison on youtube. (can you say amen no great loss)  Ther are Dominoes workers looking for a new place of gainful employment after filming themselves being idiots and posting it on youtube.

It boils down to the median brain weight has dropped precipitously over the years.  Below are two pictures.  One is a highly effective genetic freak Cranky brain (which we will call our baseline “Normal”), and one is a troglodyte brain.


6MB did not approve of the creation of this graphic, but they would have if I asked. Pretty sure. Maybe. No, they would've.

Maybe brains have not gone to 6MB because they have been going to worship services like below…



UPDATE:  If Obama is going to go releasing records of all stripes in targeted strikes of “transparency” I have to agree with Cheney – let’s really be transparent.

Like the recent Democrat-controlled Congress and Obama’s oily statements that the truth must be out about CIA interrogations, how so much was obscured.

Nope.  Disclosure was pretty much all-around.

The first such briefing dealt with the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah, the Al Qaeda operations chief who ran the training camps in Afghanistan where the Sept. 11 hijackers were trained. Sources said California Rep. Nancy Pelosi, now the speaker of the House, attended the meeting with then-Rep. Porter Goss, R-Fla. (who later became CIA director), and she did not raise any objections.

The briefings were given to the chairmen and ranking members of the intelligence committees in the House and Senate until 2006. That could cover Sen. John Rockefeller, W.Va., and Rep. Jane Harman, Calif., both Democrats, as well as Sen. Pat Roberts, Kan., Sen. Lindsey Graham, S.C., Sen. Richard Shelby, Ala., and Rep. Pete Hoekstra, Mich., all Republicans. FoxNews

But it’s easier to shift blame if stuff happened years ago and you’ve got a lot of distracted people.  It makes revenge that much easier to perform and later justify.

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I mean, once you see it you think “Oh, drunken lemurs… of course, why wasn’t that obvious?  It’s hilarious.”

But it took a geniusioso with great masterfulness to put it into words.  Beautiful.

drunken-lemursI’ve been reviewed like this before.  It’s like being nuked.


A wee bit worked up.  Model Plane and Jet Near-Miss.  Whaddya mean, near miss?  They missed it.  No “near miss” about it.


Romney and I agree on this.

At last week’s Summit of the Americas, President Obama acquiesced to a 50-minute attack on America as terroristic, expansionist, and interventionist from Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega. His response to Ortega’s denunciation of our effort to free Cuba from Castro’s dictatorship was that he shouldn’t be blamed “for things that happened when I was three months old.” Blamed? Hundreds of men, including Americans, bravely fought and died for Cuba’s freedom, heeding the call from newly elected president John F. Kennedy. But last week, even as American soldiers sacrificed blood in Afghanistan and Iraq to defend liberty, President Obama shrank from defending liberty here in the Americas.

Hey, Mitt… where I come from, that’s called “being a pussy”.  This is Jimmy Carter for the New Millenium.  A guy who is so concerned with being everyone’s friend that he stands for nothing.


I’m biased, naturally, but many deep and profound brain things go on inside my head when I read:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama on Monday proposed a $100 billion U.S. loan to the International Monetary Fund to boost the IMF’s resources and urged a bigger stake in the IMF for emerging powers.

Yeah, this is pretty important, all right.  At a time when all is so dire that we need to plunge headlong into socialism fascism our Obamessiah finds compelling reasons to give the IMF $100B.

rocky-moneyBut he’s a frugal man, the Big O.  He’s saving $100M by iron-willed restraint, trimming the budget.  Hardly worth talking about given our $3T budget.


The title of the Sun’s article is Fatties Cause Global Warmin[g]

Provind that Pravda isn’t the only publication that will print anything:

Dr Phil Edwards, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said: “Moving about in a heavy body is like driving in a gas guzzler.”

Each fat person is said to be responsible for emitting a tonne more of climate-warming carbon dioxide per year than a thin one.

It means an extra BILLION TONNES of CO2 a year is created, according to World Health Organisation estimates of overweight people.

They’ll just spit anything out.  These are somebody’s ESTIMATES, and are BASED ON MANY MANY ASSUMPTIONS.

The hysteria goes on and on, but I found this to be an interesting bias and painfully obvious.  A British rag publishes American obesity stats, not British ones.  First they vilify anyone who is considered (by who?) to be overweight, and then they cite only – only – lard-butt stats for the U.S.  Wonder why?

A staggering 40 per cent of Americans are obese, among 300 million worldwide.

Sounds like someone has an issue with the U.S.

Bitez moi.

Frighteningly, a starkly terrible correlation is dead-on nailed at the end of their article…

Australian Professor Paul Zimmet predicted a disastrous obesity pandemic back in 2006.

And Oxfam warned yesterday that the number of people hit by climate-related disasters will soar by more than half in the next six years to 375million.

The impact of more storms, floods and droughts could overwhelm aid organisations.

Proof positive that we’re all gonna die.

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Update: 21 Polo Horses Die at Fla. Match

I’m no expert but perhaps there was too much water in the pool?

(yes, mean joke)


And the road to Hell is a nice wide road, good shoulders, well-lit… with damn few turnouts and no u-turns allowed.

In The New York Times:

F.B.I. and States Vastly Expand DNA Databases

The FIRST paragraph says:

Law enforcement officials are vastly expanding their collection of DNA to include millions more people who have been arrested or detained but not yet convicted.

If you are awaiting trial you can be harvested uh… swabbed.  At that point you haven’t even been found to be innocent or guilty but they’re going to swab you.  Why is this ok?  Well, it hasn’t been legally forced in court but some of the arguments will put a niiiice surface on that road to Hell.

Rock Harmon, a former prosecutor for Alameda County, Calif., and an adviser to crime laboratories, said DNA demographics reflected the criminal population. Even if an innocent man’s DNA was included in a genetic database, he said, it would come to nothing without a crime scene sample to match it. “If you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to fear,” he said.

Why, with that kind of reasoning, there’s no reason for everyone to not:

  1. Get fingerprinted immediately
  2. Get DNA swabbed
  3. Allow at-will telephone tap devices to be installed full-time
  4. Allow CCTV surveillance tapes inside your homes
  5. Allow GPS tracking of your car not only for mileage taxing but “just in case, because if you haven’t done anything wrong…”
  6. Submit to travel papers.  Hey, if you’re legit, why should it bother you?
  7. Allow unfettered access by gov’t of all levels complete access to your medical records.
  8. Join a database that tracks your food consumption and habits.
  9. We should probably also cross-reference children’s DNA against the alleged parent’s DNA.  If you haven’t done anything wrong, what’s to fear, right?


Cataclysmically cretinous quote of the day:

“The thing that bewilders me is this president just cut taxes for 95 percent of the American people. So I think the tea bags should be directed elsewhere because he certainly understands the burden that people face,” David Axelrod said Sunday.

I mean these guys are disasters.


Just so you know, I’m heterosexual, happily married (as well as anyone can be when they are married†), have kids, the whole works.

But… if I weren’t… I’d leave my wife for the guy who published a recipe for how to make a Hot Reuben Dip.  No, “hot reuben dip”  isn’t a metaphor.  Literal.

A Hot Reuben Dip.   My favoritest sandwich, turned into a dip.  Good grief, I’d die and go to heaven after finishing this.  Many thanks Kevin (Closet Cooking blog), and no fear, I’m not some Internet Wierdo.  Weird, yes.  Wierdo, no.

As I write this I am making another recipe he posted… Apricot Lamb Tagine.

This is a test to see if Cruel Wife is reading…

Update:  The Tagine, which I made using venison, not lamb… fantastically rich, very complex, and is a true comfort food – I served it with homemade hummous, basmati rice, greek-style yogurt with cilantro and lemon, and a crusty bread on the side.   Rating: ***-1/2


[Warning:  Harsh language and very partisan rhetoric ahead.]

I can only come to one conclusion.  Our president is a pussy.

He goes to a conference of the Americas and listens to Hugo Chavez spout on and on about the US in an ego-boosting speech for 50 minutes.

He takes a book and calls it a nice gesture that Chavez gave him one titled “Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent” – always good to give someone a gift that says “You’re a sh*t who profited off of me and mine – hey, let’s be buddies.”

He listens to all manner of BS and dissing from Amedinejad and still pursues and open dialogue.  He (along with the rest of the world, apparently) watches Kim Jong Il build ever more dangerous toys and makes no comments other than there should be consequences.

Sayeth the Big O:

“The whole notion was that if we showed courtesy or opened up dialogue with governments that had previously been hostile to us, that that somehow would be a sign of weakness,” Obama said, recalling his race for the White House and challenging his critics today.

“… previously been hostile to us…”   Uh, yeah, but when you’re showing courtesy, opening up dialogue, and brown-nosing dictators who are actively dissing you… well, that means you’re a pussy.

David Axelrod had apologetics to offer for this spineless approach.  Apparently the default of  “do nothing” works well in UN/European circles so who is Obama to not adopt global precedent like our Supreme Court (Ginsberg, O’Connor)?

“You plant, you cultivate, you harvest. Over time, the seeds that were planted here are going to be very, very valuable.”

Wonder how many schoolyard scraps this guy has been in.   Seems naive enough to have been shorted in that area.

Lest you be fooled into believing the whole argument, remember that Syrian installations bombed by Israel just a year ago (with US agreement) were nuke facilities being built along the lines of the North Korean designs.

“Opening up dialogue” won’t change that sort of behavior.  DPRK wants money, power, and respect.  Iran and Syria want Israel off the map.

Update:  Thanks to McGoo… a link to Kim Jong Il singing Wocket Man.  MANY thanks to Dr. Dave for that tear-wringing post.  Peed my pants, I did.

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Fox News asks the question “Where are they [cloned animals] now?


(a) Goat (b) Kitteh (c) Sheep (d) Fideau

Well, they mean the actual cloned beast in each breakthrough.  Where are those particular critters right now?

See if you can match up the letters/critters from the pic above with the pictures of them as they are now.


Test your culinary acumen!!!


This is so cool I just had “a moment”.

Bacon can cut through steel

grease-fireThanks go to The Dude.


The EPA now gets it’s crack at destroying part of our dying economy.


Speaking of babies…  I’ve heard of this before but (1) HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW YOU WERE PREGNANT? and (2) HOW COULD YOUR HUSBAND NOT KNOW YOU WERE PREGNANT?

I mean… holy sh*ttin’ petunias, folks.

A western Michigan man helped deliver his wife’s baby boy despite not knowing she was pregnant.


The man told the dispatcher that he had not known his 27-year-old wife was pregnant. He said they recently quit smoking and thought her recent weight gain was related.

I know… this day and age is stressful, you got kids… hard to communicate as often as you’d like… but…  DAMN, folks.


Not to make fun of other’s misfortunes, but the last time I heard of anyone crushed under the golden arches was in a joke referring to Dolly Parton.

The daughter said:

“How could that sign not be properly secured? That’s what I want to know,” she said. “I’m mad. You don’t think you park under a sign . . . and giant golden arches are going to come smashing down on you.”

Well, no, but the world is an imperfect place.  High winds, no telling how long the sign had been there, the world is an unsafe place,  and God might hate you.  (no, not really)

My point is that you can’t always go around blaming the engineer.  Sometimes bad things happen regardless.


Lovely.  Just lovely.  I joke about eating dogs, and might even try one, I have a dog of my own (not for consumption, yet), but doing this to your pup ain’t cool.

Woman packing-tapes boyfriend’s dog to refrigerator.  What, they ran out of magnets?

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Alan Colmes says we’re unpatriotic for not wanting to pay more taxes.  One of his silly arguments was that lots of European countries have higher taxes than us.

My response on the foxnews blog post where he dribbled his drivel was thusly:

Making the argument that European taxes are higher and thus validates our tax rate  is nonsensical.
This is akin to the argument that says “It is ok to beat your children!”…. “Why?”… “Well, because it could be worse… it could be like some countries that allow 8 year old girls to be married to 58 year old perverts.”
Pointing to an example that is worse than the topic at hand is not a valid argument.
Showing gratitude or patriotism have nothing to do with my willingness to pay higher taxes in the face of waste.

Another commenter had this to say in response to my comment:

Ihatehypocrisy says:

At last….common sense prevails!!! It will be interesting to see how many posters have valid counter arguments as opposed to snarky posts filled with name calling because they realize they don’t have a valid counter argument.

And Lemur King, other than your strange objection to him pointing out the tax rates for other industrialized nations, I am curious to know what valid dispute you have with the rest of the article.

His remark about common sense was in regards to Colme’s article, not my witty stuff.  Damn.  I do have to agree with that commenter on one thing – way too many comments were filled with hate and no rational counterpoints.

My dispute with the rest of Colme’s article comes under several headings.

One – Colme’s skirting the ragged edge of ad hominem… “bitter election losers, while clinging to their guns by buying them in greater numbers”   He’s got enough talent to not need to do that.  I do it because I’m a blogger and talk trash mostly out of the spotlight.  He’s bigger time than that.

Two – it ignores the 10th Amendment.  The government ought not be assuming so very many powers.  The government was set up so that we had support for commerce, military defense,  common currency, etc.  Congress has turned themselves into a body that is quite a bit more powerful than states are supposed to be.

Most power is supposed to reside in the states.  The flip side is that if the power is in the states, then the fed does not have the power to run so many federal-level offices.

Three – Federal taxation is wrong in that it turns the Federal to State tax ratio on end.  They should be swapped. If I pay the lion’s share of my taxes to my state I have control over where it goes because I and every other voter in my state know right where to find those who are doing what they are elected to do.    Move the money/taxes/power a distance away, remove access, and create a complex system (an elected aristocracy that the electorate cannot reach), and you will have pork-barrel policies and little way to influence anything.  I have no control whatsoever over anyone other than my personal representatives who will be stacked up agains representatives from entirely different states … the odds are quite high that any legislation is going to have very little to do with things that are important to me or get it right.  Face it… from Michigan, do I care if Arizona is awarded $3M to study shrimp farming?

Texas Gov. Perry told the crowd at Austin City Hall — one of three tea parties he was attending across the state — that officials in Washington have abandoned the country’s founding principles of limited government. He said the federal government is strangling Americans with taxation, spending and debt.

(source:  http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/APStories/stories/D97J48IO2.html)

Frankly, I don’t mind a 25% tax all that much – if I have some say over where it is going – in my state.  Why should my taxes go to help New Orleans, California Fires, and Flooding in the Midwest?    Texas Governor Perry has it right.

Colmes smirks:

Another argument we hear when there is talk of tax dollars being used for items like national health care, alternative energy development, or improving our public education system is that the government can’t do anything right, that it can’t run anything, that in every instance private is always better.

Social Security is the best argument for killing sweeping social programs – it can’t remain solvent and is being tapped for any and all purposes “deemed necessary” along the way.  National Healthcare is a pipe dream – a boondoggle of paperwork and red-tape  so unpersonalized and so abstract that it ceases to be about people anymore. Our public school systems are trashed  – get rid of bloated teacher’s unions and give merit-based pay.

The only place The Fed ought to be given total precedence over private is the military.  Private sector has no business being in the business of running mercenary companies.

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(The more important and scary stuff is below this update)


This update from Laconical Pup:

On the podcast last Saturday, our friend NinthBatter gave us an on-scene report from the PETA event that took place earlier in the day. As you might expect, it was chaos — while PETA’s plan was to roll Alliance and attack a few Horde bad guys, lots of folks rolled Horde instead, and started up a guild called the “Seal Cub Clubbing Club.” Many, many seals died, as you can see in the few pictures below.

And perhaps most hilariously, people brought plenty of Great Feasts to lay out for the crowd, which means that right in all of the (supposedly) animal-saving action, there was plenty of roast pig to eat. Not exactly the best day for PETA, but what did they expect? They did, however, get quite a few media mentions, so it was probably mission accomplished over there anyway.”

Laconical Pup’s note: The “Great Feast” is an item that, when used, spawns a large platter on the ground with the classic roast pig with apple in mouth.  Players can click on the feast to eat it, regaining health and becoming slightly stronger for the next hour.  It looks like this:


There were screenshots of the event posted, but honestly unless you play WoW they won’t look like much.


Federal agency warns of radicals on right.

WHOA-HOOO-HO-HOA!!! Goddamn!

A footnote attached to the report by the Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis defines “rightwing extremism in the United States” as including not just racist or hate groups, but also groups that reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority.

How about that, boys and girls?  Now your federal gov’t is going to keep tabs on you based on the fact that you don’t agree with the concept of an all-powerful central government.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

If that is your criteria, I guess you boys better put me on your @%*&#^ list, because despite the fact that I’m a peaceful law-abiding citizen, you are saying that my beliefs make me your target.

I am a Federalist, believing in the the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and as an additional contextual framework, the Federalist Papers, which hew to the very principles this country was originally founded on – if that makes me a target, damn glad to be here.

Other targeted people are probably anyone who attends a tea party.

No, surely not, right?

The White House has distanced itself from the analysis. When asked for comment on its contents, White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said, “The President is focused not on politics but rather taking the steps necessary to protect all Americans from the threat of violence and terrorism regardless of its origins. He also believes those who serve represent the best of this country, and he will continue to ensure that our veterans receive the respect and benefits they have earned.”

All in the name of personal security, eh?

Welcome to the Democratic People’s Republic of America.


Tired of rodentia taking over your land?  Tire no more!  Get…

The Rodenator™


A news story from my home stompin’ grounds (near enough, anyway)… to prove that this is the real deal…  City attacks unprecedented rodent population


There can be only one.

Nice job dipwad.  Couldn’t just walk away, but had to stab and kill two others with a sword.


Obama is actually contributing to Global Warming.  Source of graphic unknown.


Oh my.  More vermin.  More Americans wary of tax man this year.

US Obama

Sayeth the fox to the hens…

The Internal Revenue Service, which collects taxes in the United States, vowed to show its gentler side this year.

“We recognize the economic realities that are out there,” IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman told reporters. “We’re available to work with people.”

No, if you aren’t cutting unnecessary spending to the bone and beyond (like exorbitant Congressional perks) then you have  no idea what the realities are out there.

Let’s look at an example:

An elderly woman in Austin, Texas, who asked not to be named, said her $3,000 debt to the IRS grew to around $60,000 in taxes and penalties over 16 years despite the fact that she paid off the initial debt within six months.

The 61-year-old is disabled and suffers from multiple health problems. The IRS now takes $133 each month from her Social Security disability check.

The practice is part of the agency’s Federal Payment Levy Program, which allows up to 15 percent of any federal payments a delinquent taxpayer receives to go directly to the IRS until their overdue taxes are paid in full.

Grapes of Wrath…

Mexicans got upset about an ad showing their flag.  Boo hoo.  I don’t recall a huge hue and cry about Mexico’s flag being flown over the US’s upside down one a year or so ago.  (look it up, it was at a school here in the US, done by hispanic students)

“We have to tell these people that in Mexico we have a great deal of respect for our flag,” Zermeno said.

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Over at Not Quite Wrong, this seemed to explain my existence.  notquitewrongdotcom-2009-02-11Except I usually would put in the second panel:  Coffee, Red Bull™, tea, chocolate covered espresso beans, etc.

Too bad this happens a lot, too.



What do the next two stories have in common?

Warning:  Death of Somali pirates could escalate violence.

Ginsburg Shares Views on Influence of Foreign Law on Her Court

Leave it to the NYT to write a piece supportive of those who wish to undermine the Constitution and law in the US:

“I frankly don’t understand all the brouhaha lately from Congress and even from some of my colleagues about referring to foreign law,” Justice Ginsburg said in her comments on Friday.

“Why shouldn’t we look to the wisdom of a judge from abroad with at least as much ease as we would read a law review article written by a professor?” she asked.

Here’s the good part:

In her remarks, Justice Ginsburg discussed a decision by the Israeli Supreme Court concerning the use of torture to obtain information from people suspected of terrorism.

“The police think that a suspect they have apprehended knows where and when a bomb is going to go off,” she said, describing the question presented in the case. “Can the police use torture to extract that information? And in an eloquent decision by Aharon Barak, then the chief justice of Israel, the court said: ‘Torture? Never.’ ”

The message of the decision, Justice Ginsburg said, was “that we could hand our enemies no greater victory than to come to look like that enemy in our disregard for human dignity.” Then she asked, “Now why should I not read that opinion and be affected by its tremendous persuasive value?”

Whoa – whoa – whoa!  Easy there old girl!

See the pattern?  In both cases, what we have is that instead of showing backbone, knowing what is right, and doing the tough things that need doing… we choose to be soft and take the easy way out – if we listen to Ginsberg and this commander.

Do we refuse to wipe out terrorists because “they could escalate violence”?  Do we suddenly put American citizens in harms way because somebody cited a synthetic moral that says it is worse to disregard a terrorist’s human dignity than preserve the lives of those we are sworn to protect?  Who makes this shite up?

The fact that the admiral felt he needed to open his mouth and discuss hypotheticals is ridiculous.

In [Vice Admiral] Gortney’s words, “This could escalate violence in this part of the world, no question about it.”

Report on the facts of the rescue, sir, and leave the navel-contemplation to the pundits and politicians who apparently have much more time to waste.

To answer Ginsburg’s question… turn that around:  Why should you read someone else’s opinion and seize it for yourself?


Yes, let’s do bring charges against the Somali pirates.  I think that the benefits of doing so are quite clear to everyone.

Holder may bring charges against the Somali pirates.

Really really obvious.  Really.


U.S. Military Considers Attacks on Somali Pirates’ Land Bases

Let’s hope that we allow for a successful outcome as in “Surge = good” vs. “Mogadishu = bad”.


As a non-muslim and non-jew AND as a dog owner I kind of have to (1) agree with them that dogs are filthy animals and (2) that it’s not a lot to get worked up about.  Don’t french-kiss the dog and wash your hands – you’ll be ok.

But if they want a Seeing Eye Horse, who am I to argue?  Kinda cool, actually.

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Well, this all looks like something we’ve never seen before, doesn’t it?


We’ll start off gentle.


Conficker has kicked in, the experts tell us sagely.

The sneaky worm, which can jump between computers without human aid, has infected an estimated 3 to 12 million PCs and servers since last fall.

I’m sorry, but when your estimate ranges from 3 to 12 million it means “We don’t know squat, we’re guessing, and we’re media whores.”


Dammit.  He didn’t make his saving throw.

Dungeons and Dragons Co-Creator Dave Arneson Dies at 61


A friend and darned good mustelid, Weasel moved to Britain not too long ago to be with her beloved Badger (true story folks, names protect the semi-innocent).  But, as fate, with it’s sense of irony, would have it… it’s like she never left.

◊ FDA watchdoggin’ our food.

◊ Prosecutors not watchin’ our politicians, or at least if they are, they drop anything that reeks of difficulty.

Justice Department lawyers told a federal court that they had discovered a new instance of prosecutorial misconduct in the case and asked that the convictions be voided.

Handling anything without misconduct is very very hard.  Some people just never pick it up in kindergarden like the rest of us.

Socialists live among us – much like poor Roddy Piper in “They Live”.  Hey, where’d J. McCarthy go?  We could use him.   In this day and age, I’m not joking.

And if we thought we had problems.  Let’s shoot for trouble, too.  Let’s really stir up the pot with lots more illegal aliens.  Criminals.  Lawbreakers.  Felons.  These aren’t just folks who want work.  They are breaking the law.  If that law is so bad, change it, but don’t ignore the fact that laws have been broken.

◊ And like the rest of the world (which is invertebrate for it certainly lacks a spine) we have opted to chickensh*t our way out of doing anything about Iran and their quest for nukesOooh… now France is concerned.   Iran, on the other hand, is elated.  Says France:

“We need to check the accuracy of the figures … and for that we’ll wait for the International Atomic Energy Agency.”

Ah.  That was frog-ese for “Whew, we dodged that bullet, too!  Run away!”


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Note:  I had put an anti-troll disclaimer up at this very spot but then read McGoo’s response to Troll Tessa, and thought “Damn, the wind ‘neath my wings… I will persevere!  I will survive!

Clubbing virtual seals.  Oh.  My.  God.  This sounds like so much fun.  It almost makes me want to join up with Enas Yorl and hurt furry wittle things.

You getting this?  PETA is engaged in activist behavior against KILLING VIRTUAL SEALS IN A VIRTUAL UNIVERSE.  Pictured is a screenshot of one of these virtual World of Warcraft seals:


A co-worker whom I shall refer to as Laconical Pup had this to say about it:

Killing the seals yields Chilled Meat, which is used in a wide variety of foods.  And yes, those with the skinning profession can take skin dead seals, which can give them either leather or fur, either of which may be used (along with several other reagents) in the crafting of epic leather armor.

It’s also worth noting that these seals are level 68-69 and have around 7,500 hit points, and they respond aggressively to anyone that comes within their range.  If you don’t treat them like the dangerous predators they are, they’ll kill you.

Yep, that sure fits the image above, doesn’t it?

As I delved more into it over at IGN:

A post on the PETA website attempts to rally the PETA forces to protest the slaughter of seals in World of Warcraft. The protest is to take place on the WhisperWind realm in the Howling Fjord zone, where baby seals live on glaciers. The poster points out that you must be at least level 70 in order to participate in the campaign, which is set for Saturday, April 11, at 1:00 PM ET. Protest guy writes:

That’s right, gamers, get ready: This Saturday, World of Warcraft (WoW) players will have the opportunity to combat a team of four Horde seal killers. We need your help to stop them from bashing in the heads of any more seals!

Thrall refused to ban the slaughter of seals, despite multiple requests from the Alliance to do so, because Orgrimmar stands to make a large profit from the fur.

Activists from across the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor are banding together to put a stop to the atrocious seal slaughter. Anyone who slaughters baby seals for their fur must surely be in service to the evil Lich King.

If you wish to go mock a fruitcake at PETA, go here.  Hell, if you wish to mock a PETA fruitcake you can stay right here and do it!  I’d love to hear your best I screwed with a PETA fruitcake by ________” essays!


Want to know who your real enemy is?  Guys like Juan Williams who want to make you helpless and feel smugly superior while arguing for it.

He thinks that by taking away guns it’ll somehow actually make them go away.  Idiot.

There’s no shortage of carbon-copies/xeroxes of him, either.


Suicide Victim Jumps, Lands On NYC Shopper

Sorry, but there is no such thing as a suicide victim.  Nor a suicide bomber.  There are “successful suicide pilgrim” and “killers”, though.

I’ve got two family members that committed suicide.  There’s no such thing as a suicide victim, sorry.  The kid she landed on is another story.


How disingenuous can you get?  Pretty darned, if you are Russia.  And Obamessiah is naive enough to buy it.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev admitted to President Obama during their summit meeting last week that American intelligence estimates … have been more accurate than Russia’s…

…  Moscow is now said to be open to “much more severe” punishment for Tehran if the regime there persists in enriching uranium into 2010.


Obameh.  Did he bow or didn’t he?  Meh.  I wanna know if Obama really gave Abdullah a Chiabama Pet™ as a greeting gift.

chiabamaNext on his list would probably be Green Slime™ or Pop Rocks™.  I notice Obama tends to give gifts that he himself enjoys and is less so interested in matching gifts to the person.

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