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UPDATE 04.02.09

If this isn’t funny, you are a sad sad little person.


The Cat is in Heat Again. The leather and fishnet... kill me.

I’d attribute it to an artist if I could read the signature.  It was sent to me via e:mail.  If you know who it is that did this please let me know so I can give them credit and hunt down more of his/her art.

Note –  cbullit has said:  That “Cat in Heat” thing looks like it was done by the guy who does “Tundra” his name is Chad Carpenter.

Update 2:  Ranking below “cats in heat” are the Obamas visiting Great Britain and chumming up the Queen.

Hugs are not standard protocol.

Actually I can picture Obama’s security detail as Michelle went to hug the lady.  Security is saying “Take her down!  Take her DOWN… TAKE HER DOWN NOW!  Unit 2 – take her out!!!”  And then someone cold-cocks the Queen before she can hurt Michelle.


If this doesn’t get your geek up, I don’t know what will.

Carbon Nanotube Muscles Strong as Diamond, Flexible as Rubber

In ten minutes I’ve had roughly ten ideas,  one of them quite feelthy, on what you could do with this stuff.

(note:  I’m trolling for Steamboat McGoos here, and that is the type of bait to use with a Lecherous Ti:Knobbed Goth-Buster Twit-bird.  I’m sure of it.)


Are we setting unrealistic standards for skanks?


Stay classy Obama!

Oh God, I’m so ashamed.  The dolt actually gave the Queen of England an iPod.

I’m thinking the Queen’s inspiration should come from this image of a cell-phone.  But she’s actually too classy of a lady to do that.  She should order one of the butlers to do it for her.



Going to plug Pearls Before Swine… love this strip.


Making my plug for the comic strip, Rubes.  Think of it as this century’s version of The Far Side.


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