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Obama has met with or attempted communication with multiple rogue or unruly countries lately and changed his prior evaluation of the Axis of Evil trio (now Iran, N. Korea, and Venezuela) from “Basically misunderstood good guys” to “Blatant flaming assholes”.


Note:  No, he hasn’t changed his evaluation – he’s still as weepingly devoid of based-in-reality thought as Carter was.


Speaking of Blatant Flaming Assholes…

Today’s story is about Canadian muslim convert Beverly Giesbrecht
(creator of the pro-Jihad website Jihad Unspun) travelled to the tribal lands of Pakistan last year where she had hoped to produce a documentary detailing the evils of the war against terror. She intended to present the Taliban in a more positive light. Unfortunately the Taliban didn’t co-operate and they kidnapped her. They now demand the Canadian government pay $375,000 for her safe return.  (background information source: Council of Ex-Muslims)

Pity does not infuse my being.  At some point you stop saying “This is just a misguided and ignorant/naive lady” and say “She made choices – bad ones – but her choices.  Tough.”

Why did she wait all her life until after the 2001 WTC attack to get up-close and personal with Islam?  Because of the wonderfully loving and peaceful example shown by the terrorists jihadis.

There is very little difference between this woman and the sick/twisted women who are attracted to death-row men and court them.  In both cases they are attracted to animals.


Image source: FoxNews.com

All the emphasis below is mine (bold/red).

Mystery Shrouds Kidnap of Pro-Jihadist Canadian Activist by Pakistani Extremists

The September 11 terror attacks were a watershed event in the life of a Canadian journalist named Beverly Giesebrecht.

Soon after Al Qaeda terrorists killed 3,000 people in the U.S., Giesebrecht converted to Islam, adopted a new name — Khadija Abdul Qahaar — and spent the next two years studying the Koran in Egypt.

She created a pro-Jihadi Web site, Jihad Unspun, and she developed a network of contacts, contributors and translators, some of whom introduced her to the Taliban in Pakistan.

She wrote of her motivations online:

“I became obsessed with finding out what was really going on. In the early days of my research, I remember sitting at five in the morning, exhausted, after going from link to link to link to link, starring at the face of Osama bin Laden. This man does not have the face of a cold blooded killer. This is not a Charles Manson. There has to be something more.

Ok, got that?  She thinks terrorists are not killers.  Very astute observation.

“I made the decision to launch a website with the hope of informing the public about some of the things I had come to know and to give voice to the other side of war on “terrorism.”

There was no question in my mind, from the first days of my research, that the so-called war on “terrorism” was a sham. This is not a war on “terrorism” — this is a war against Muslims and our resources.

It is my hope that this will inspire others to Islam and to take a stand against this shameful war on “terrorism.

Here’s the kicker:

And then last November, the Taliban, the group she had befriended, kidnapped her while she was chasing a story in the Bannu region of northern Pakistan. In a video released after her capture, Qahaar says she’s being held by the Taliban, though it’s not clear exactly who is holding her. Officials have not provided clarification, saying only that there are many criminal gangs in the region who call themselves the Taliban.

Now, four and a half months later, 11th-hour negotiations continue in efforts to save Qahaar’s life and secure her release. Her captors have demanded $375,000 in ransom money by the end of March, and they have threatened to kill her if their demand isn’t met.

Exactly what happened in November, and why, remains unclear. That the Taliban has kidnapped one of its own supporters — and one who has given them a media platform — is puzzling to terror experts and Qahaar’s former colleagues.

And let’s wrap up with one more nibble:

“Listen, I know her. She needs like a million things, stuff for teeth, she’s persnickety about everything, she needs vitamins, healthcare … Who would do that? She wouldn’t do that.

“Look at the state she’s in. She looks completely awful — this isn’t an acting thing. No, I’m sorry. No way. Not for a moment.”

“She believed the Taliban were legitimate in resisting armed forces in that country, she believed she could interview these people because she could give them fair hearing and I believe they turned on her,” Rees said.

And after all this, she’s depending on the support of the same governments she spoke out against.

Love that last…


You know, most people are attracted to shows on TV because there are beautiful people there.  So why is a reality show about the flabbier of us dating a good idea?  I don’t know.  If you really wanted to do that, there are bars all across the nation that have the rest of us normal folks on display in all forms of mating rituals.


Now to lighten the mood a hair.

Japan child robot mimicks infant learning

The creators of the Child-robot with Biomimetic Body, or CB2, say it’s slowly developing social skills by interacting with humans and watching their facial expressions, mimicking a mother-baby relationship.

This has been theorized as the only way to arrive at a complex individual artificial life form.  I tend to agree.

If they can make it through potty-training and the incessant hissy fits without unplugging it and selling it in a garage sale like my parents did me.

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