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Well, this all looks like something we’ve never seen before, doesn’t it?


We’ll start off gentle.


Conficker has kicked in, the experts tell us sagely.

The sneaky worm, which can jump between computers without human aid, has infected an estimated 3 to 12 million PCs and servers since last fall.

I’m sorry, but when your estimate ranges from 3 to 12 million it means “We don’t know squat, we’re guessing, and we’re media whores.”


Dammit.  He didn’t make his saving throw.

Dungeons and Dragons Co-Creator Dave Arneson Dies at 61


A friend and darned good mustelid, Weasel moved to Britain not too long ago to be with her beloved Badger (true story folks, names protect the semi-innocent).  But, as fate, with it’s sense of irony, would have it… it’s like she never left.

◊ FDA watchdoggin’ our food.

◊ Prosecutors not watchin’ our politicians, or at least if they are, they drop anything that reeks of difficulty.

Justice Department lawyers told a federal court that they had discovered a new instance of prosecutorial misconduct in the case and asked that the convictions be voided.

Handling anything without misconduct is very very hard.  Some people just never pick it up in kindergarden like the rest of us.

Socialists live among us – much like poor Roddy Piper in “They Live”.  Hey, where’d J. McCarthy go?  We could use him.   In this day and age, I’m not joking.

And if we thought we had problems.  Let’s shoot for trouble, too.  Let’s really stir up the pot with lots more illegal aliens.  Criminals.  Lawbreakers.  Felons.  These aren’t just folks who want work.  They are breaking the law.  If that law is so bad, change it, but don’t ignore the fact that laws have been broken.

◊ And like the rest of the world (which is invertebrate for it certainly lacks a spine) we have opted to chickensh*t our way out of doing anything about Iran and their quest for nukesOooh… now France is concerned.   Iran, on the other hand, is elated.  Says France:

“We need to check the accuracy of the figures … and for that we’ll wait for the International Atomic Energy Agency.”

Ah.  That was frog-ese for “Whew, we dodged that bullet, too!  Run away!”


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