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Ooooh, it TINGLES!

I am full of nothing but disgusted resignation – disgust at the gullibility of over 50% of our population.

But Mr. Obama has already been president for more than a hundred days, and passing the hundred-day mark, irrelevant milestone as it may be, was cited as dead-solid proof that the president is the messiah he told everyone he was. Reality, however, has begun to cast a shadow over the White House, still as faint as the bright golden haze on the meadow but visible enough. “Blaming George” still makes a tingle run up the legs of all the hymn-singing true believers, but outside the embrace of the cult, that tingle is beginning to sting instead. This is Mr. Obama’s government now.  – WA Times

Sad to say but it’s going to be not with a bang but a whimper, the process of having the truth dawn on the cult members, as the tingle running up their legs turns into a tinkle running down them.

The White House on Monday said the new estimate of the budget deficit would nearly reach $2 trillion – that’s trillion, with a “t” – and that’s nearly 13 percent of the entire gross domestic product. Pretty gross any way you spin it, and the president’s men (and women) are spinning it as best they can. Alas, the country’s predicament, if not yet the president’s, is probably worse than it looks.

The projected budget deficit is four times larger than the deficit record set last year. We can blame that one on George, but George, big spender that he was, turns out to have been a tightwad. Maybe this is the “change” Mr. Obama promised. Yes, he did.  – again WA Times


Once again showing that my respect was not misplaced, Jeremy Clarkson does what most of us can only hope to do… have a kick ass time either going really fast or destroying things utterly.

Skeet shooting, Clarkson’s way.


I would think that after 35 years of bathing I’d have zero chance of having a son – or a daughter – or any kind of relationship whatsoever.  But hey, more power to you, I guess.  Wonder where he got the idea that by being a filthy disgusting human being it would up his chances of having a boy?

Wonder why no one has asked:  Hey, how’s that workin’ for ya?

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