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First and most important order of business:  This is Memorial Weekend.  Take some time out of your fun to recognize why you have your fun.  It’s because a lot of people have souls that burn very brightly and answered a calling to serve for other’s sake.


I have a number of gay friends that I love to death.   I am pretty sure however, that they agree on this point:  Do we need to be teaching five-year-olds about anything to do with sex?”

Heterosexual relationships are so very prevalent that an innocent kid doesn’t even remark on it.  They don’t even think about it.  But by pursuing the topic of homosexual relationships because of an axe you have to grind, you open up the issue of any sexuality at all.  Is it necessary at age 5 to learn this?

Why would a child need to know about heterosexual relationships, much less homosexual relationships at the age of five years old?

And to not allow your kids to opt out?

But the school board says otherwise, and its attorneys say that if the curriculum is adopted, the parents will have no legal right to remove their children from class when the lessons are being taught.

At one time I was virulently homophobic, and having grown older and wiser and even grown a bit of a heart (a small one), I’ve come to realize that there’s no issue there.  In fact it is to my great shame that I was such a creep about the whole thing.  People can moan about sin and all that, but two thoughts occur:  1) given that all sins are equal in the afterlife then why aren’t you out campaigning against gossip and lust in general, and 2) why are we going around thinking we’re the ones that need to judge or even believe that we are important enough to be the messenger?  (Here we’re getting into stuff of other debates, such as why even as a Christian I am so vehemently anti-Christian.  It’s not Christ I in any way have any problem with – it’s the heartless followers.)

But the idea of presenting sex at all to a kid that is that young or against the parent’s wishes… that’s just wrong.

Seriously, can you imagine next week’s lesson plan for your six year old?

Let’s Make a Baby, Muskrat Love Style (or Mommy and Daddy Get It On)


Warren, Michigan’s finest.

Police responding to a 911 caller reporting a cougar on the prowl in a suburban Detroit park saw what looked like the big cat hiding in a discarded section of cement drain pipe.

So Warren police on Monday shot a Taser electroshock weapon – hitting what turned out to be a large toy cougar right in the stuffing.  (read the rest at Det. News Online)

Shocked the stuffing out of everyone involved.


From The Dude

Nadine Dorries: MPs ‘at suicide risk over McCarthyite witchhunt’

Nadine Dorries, the Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire, also warned that the relentless drip-drip of leaked claims was creating such an atmosphere of terror that there was a real risk of an MP committing suicide.

Seriously, why should you be concerned about audits if you haven’t done anything wrong?

There’s a really serious concern that this has got to a point now which is almost unbearable for any human being to deal with.

Uh… western society is way too soft if this is “unbearable”.  I’m sure lots of UN-protected (a farce) people in Sudan would be happy to trade.   You know that this very scene would be played out if this happened in the US – it’s not just Britain.

Politicians everywhere give themselves large allowances, perks, and salaries.  You can’t honestly expect me to believe that they work any harder or perform more dangerous work or perform more mentally taxing or even more stressful work than the rest of us, so why do pols get a significant amount more than their constituents?  Power in groups, there is.  Why else would people want so badly to be in politics, to the point where they behave like Arlen Sphincter in the US – changing their strap-on trunk for a donkey outfit that is several sizes to small?  (thanks to Dr. Dave for the strap-on comment)


Another fantastic example of “The Money Has To Come From Somewhere“.

So Gov. Schwarz wants to borrow from local municipalities to pay for it’s debts.

Well, locals have debts, too.

Put simply – everyone has a certain amount of resources it needs to get by.  If one of you screws up and has an issue, and takes it from others, now they have problems too.

If everyone needs a 100% handout from everbody else to get by, then who pays the bills?  Far better to police yourself.

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