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The family of a U.S. Marine is outraged after a Michigan amusement park insisted on charging the veteran admission to enter the park — despite his being a quadriplegic — according to a newspaper report.

Heather Lovell told the Grand Rapids Press that she had been at the park acting as a chaperone for a children’s group, and her fiance, Joshua Hoffman, was just meeting up with her there briefly before she took him to his stepbrother’s graduation.

But even after she explained that Hoffman had been paralyzed in 2007 by a sniper’s bullet in Iraq and is unable to speak, let alone go on rides, the park insisted both Hoffman and his nurse could not join her in the park without paying, Lovell told the Press

“It was really just outrageous,” she said. “He is not physically going on any rides.”

Michigan’s Adventure General Manager Camille Jourden-Mark said park policy requires even non-participants to pay the admission fee.

We just can’t be in a position of picking and choosing. We have grandparents (who pay admission) that come in our park every day that have no intention of ever going on a ride,” she told the Grand Rapids Press.

Jourden-Mark later offered the family complimentary passes for Hoffman and a guest, the Press reported. Lovell said she has not decided whether they will use the passes.

Cruel Wife remarked “Well, I had been thinking of trying them out.  Nothing like a bunch of negative publicity…”

In another article:

She noted the park offers one free admission with a paid admission for service members each Memorial Day. Jourden-Mark said park staff were unaware of Hoffman’s condition.

What?  Were the park staff blind as well as cretins?

Where the hell is the respect and gratitude owed to our veterans and servicemen?  If I were a restaurant owner, a lot of those guys would be getting a complimentary meal.  And yes, you can be in the business of picking and choosing when common sense is a valid consideration.

If you’d like to voice your opinion of Camille Jourden-Mark’s attitude, please feel free to contact Michigan’s Adventure.  Yes, they’ve already tried to backtrack and offer complimentary passes, but if your corporate atmosphere is such that you allow workers of this low of caliber, then it means the lesson needs to be driven home – and very hard.

Fair to say, I’m biased against anyone who feels a need to hyphenate their name, so the manager above… she’s already on my list of people to look askance at. Oh yes, apparently Michigan’s Adventure does pick and choose as there is no admission fee for toddlers 2 years and younger.  -LK

**** Original Posting Follows****

Listening to the Diane Rhem Show on NPR (know thine enemy, I say).

Climate bedwetters show no signs of relenting – for the earth will heat up by 11C in the next 100 years.  Oceans will flood so as to make Noah’s Ark water levels look like a puddle.  Crops will fail.  Everyone will die of thirst.  Dogs and cats will cohabitate.  Copulate, even.  Horrors.


Rhem had multiple guests – program synopsis and dramatis personae as follows:

Impact of Climate Change in the U.S.

A new White House report finds every region of the U.S. is experiencing disruptions from climate change. A discussion of how climate change may be already be affecting the nation’s water, transportation, eco-systems and human health.

Dr. John Holdren, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology and Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

John Podesta, president and CEO of the Center for American Progress, former chief of staff to President Clinton, and author of “The Power of Progress.”

Stephen Moore, is a member of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board.

James Connaughton, Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs of Public and Environmental Policy for Constellation Energy. He was former chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

Stephen Moore took exception to several key points made by one of the other guests (Holdren, I think) – (1) vast majority of scientists believe global warming is real, (2) there is a huge preponderance of irrefutable data proving global warming is real, and (3) presupposing that #2 is true, that there is a huge number of predominantly negative results of global warming.

At this point Diane Rhem cuts him off and supporting Holdren, by fiat declares that global warming is conclusive and says that she does not want a debate on her show.

So why would you invite a dissenting guest if you are not going to allow him to rebut what he views as misinformation?

Holdren (I think) then went on in a patronizing tone, stating that in any scientific body there will be deniers.

Moore was lucky enough to be able to protest the patronizing tone conveyed by the choice of the term “deniers”.  This is a thinly veiled ad hominem attack.  Since when should dissenting views be given the nuanced term “deniers”?  When one is on a biased program on a biased radio station and being lobbed softballs for an hour, of course.

For teensy-tiny smidgen of a miniscule bit of background:

“I happen to believe that global warming is the biggest scam of the last two decades.” – Stephen Moore

Later a good point is made – years ago the “scientific consensus” was that the earth was cooling and that this would have disastrous effects.  Now, we have a “scientific consensus” that the earth is warming and this will have disastrous effects.  Can you really have it both ways?

Sound off on any of this if you like…

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