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Twilight Draws Nigh.

An astute co-worker (Capricious Halfbreed) found this today.  No idea where it came from but the artist is a master of orchestrating the absurd.  If you aren’t a movie buff, you won’t get it.

twiiiiiilight is about to end****

I know it is Britain, but aren’t we jumping the hysteria gun just a bit?

A city council said Saturday it was considering using underground burial chambers, currently a tourist attraction, to store the corpses of swine flu victims if the pandemic worsens.

He said: “We have some empty catacombs in an old cemetery in the city. These are 19th century underground burial chambers which are normally a tourist attraction,” he said.

“They can, however, be safely used for their original purpose and allow us to temporarily store bodies in the remote possibility that the need should arise.”


The guy is admittedly pretty smart, but Cohen is also pretty damned stupid, too.

al-Aqsa Martyr’s brigade was offended by his movie.

I’m not saying terrorists get a free pass but this was just not bright.


Got Mooka-Cola?

Gross.  Just gross.


They’ll need to pass out Dramamine ™ patches before the show, but not for the reason you think.  Asteroids, the Movie.


A rose by any other name…

Read this article – it talks about not using the word “retarded” in the house health coverage bill.

Am I being insensitive when I say that it’s ridiculous to change a word when someone in 20 years is going to then be offended by the new description/word of choice?

Look at all the terms for individuals of dark skin color… it’s changed so many times you have to check the papers to find the word of the day.

Pick any word to describe a *perceived* less equitable situation or condition that afflicts someone and at some point someone is going to decide that it is harsh and we should pick a fresh word, one that carries less meaning, less negative imagery.

We might as well get rid of functionally descriptive terms altogether lest we (1) waste time, and (2) offend someone.


Another astute co-worker, ID10T Killer, had this link to share.  Why, yes, you DO need an ID to buy a pizza cutter.

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