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What is it about the liberal mindset?  Pick any one cause that they feel passionately about.

They make their pitch with all their logic and reasoning.  Now assume that you disagree with their conclusion or chosen approach.

What do they do?  They assume that you are:   (a) an extremist, (b) a dangerous extremist, (c) a hired-by-the-republicans thug, (d) just ignorant, or (e) they are not getting their point across.

Never once has it occurred to them that there are those of us who are educated, understand what they are saying, aren’t thugs, aren’t extremists;  We just think their argument is bullsh*t.

A recent poll finds Americans more concerned about the economy than global warming and in fact more people are finding that they don’t believe it is a real phenomenon.

“It’s a conundrum. You can’t just say to those interested in global warming that they need to do a better job of PR because they have been trying so hard,” Newport said. “Al Gore won a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. He made a widely seen movie, and his book sold many copies. Yet, with all that, it hasn’t worked. You would have to say that, somehow, they’re not getting the message across.”

Another facet to their dysfunction is the idea that White House websites for snitching is somehow different than big brother and McCarthy-ism.  They can’t understand how we don’t agree that it is ok.  Snitching on health care rumors.  This is the path to transparency… ohhhh, yeahhhhhhh.


I’d like to think of him as a good friend, because he’s into goth-baiting and other fun stuff, and he’s just plain good people – McGoo posted a wonderful pic that he found somewhereGo read his stuff here – it’s a lot of vile tripe, but it’s the good kind of vile tripe – not the stuff you see coming out of our elected officials.


I would have howled, laughed until I wet my pants, and blacked out from lack of oxygen as I cackled.  Had I been there.  Hillary had some questions asked of her – about her husband’s thoughts as he did her job.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s temper flared on Monday when a Congolese university student asked her for her husband’s thinking on an international financial matter.

A week after former President Bill Clinton traveled to North Korea to secure the release of two detained American journalists and stole the limelight from the start of his wife’s first trip to Africa, Clinton was clearly displeased by the question at town hall forum in Kinshasa.

“You want me to tell you what my husband thinks?” she replied incredulously when the male student asked her what “Mr. Clinton” thought of World Bank concerns about a multi-billion-dollar Chinese loan offer to the Congo.

My husband is not secretary of state, I am,” an obviously annoyed Clinton said sharply. “If you want my opinion, I will tell you my opinion. I am not going to be channeling my husband.”

The question was left unanswered as the moderator of the event quickly moved on.

My husband is not secretary of state, I am…

Hillary, maybe you should send Bill a memo because you’re still not getting through – too  much of his ego is in the way.  Looks good though – having him do your job for you.

Thanks to DailyMail.co.uk – for once calling it like it is:

Indeed, from the whole tawdry affair only one clear winner has emerged – an exuberant Bill Clinton – even if, according to an insider, ‘the joke in the White House was that the girls were safer in North Korea than on the plane going home with Bill’.


Check this out.

The No. 2 Senate Democrat said Sunday that he’s “open” to health care reform that doesn’t include a government-run “public option,” the latest indication that the Democrats’ package could be scaled back as Senate negotiators try to hammer out a bipartisan compromise and constituents flood town halls to express discontent with the current legislation.

When you haggle for something, do you start with your desired asking price?  No, you don’t.  You ask for something ridonkulously high so when you get closer to what you want it looks better to the other person.

The moonbats have shown great skill in manipulating the populace – do you really think that they’ve been this clueless?   I’ve been operating under the assumption that they actually are this stupid, but now I’m not so sure.

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