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Papers please.

If this happened during the Bush administration there would have been rioting around the world.  The gestapo does it now under Obamessiah and it is ok.

Roadblocks against health care town hall protesters.

Americans who want to express their opinions on health care reform at town halls across the country are encountering a host of roadblocks, ranging from fake schedules to a demand that they show their driver’s licenses or photo identification.

Was a day when a question/answer session was mainly so people could get their questions answered.  Seems logical, doesn’t it?

‘Town Halls’ a Chance for the President, Not the Public, to Vent

…what the White House is calling a “town hall meeting” does not quite follow in the tradition of the public-driven forums that sprouted centuries ago in New England.

It’s more like a press conference for the public.

In an orderly fashion, selected members of the audience pose brief questions, and the president elaborates.

And elaborates. And elaborates.

A look at President Obama’s health care “town hall” Tuesday in Portsmouth, N.H., shows the president out-spoke his audience by a ration of nearly 9-to-1.

After all, it is all about Obama, isn’t it?


I don’t know why this kind of talk needs to be reported.

Liberal radio talk show host [Ed Schultz] says right-wing talkers and conservatives want to see Obama “get shot.”

First of all, I thought the libs didn’t have any media, that the VRWC dominated all, and that even NPR was, at best, moderate… ?  Huh.  What do I know, huh?

There’s nutcases during every presidency.  They were there for Bush, Reagan, Clinton.  Why does this merit “newsworthy” status?

Where did he come up with this idea?  Did he hear crowds of people walking down the street talking into their cell-phones, all blathering on about their secret wishes?

I don’t know anyone who wants Obama to get shot – out of all my right-wing conservative friends, none of them (myself included) would want this to happen.  We worry that it might happen because of the nutcases out there – Biden is scary stuff.


McDs hits Africa

I have no idea where this came from but it was sent to me by a very good friend.  I love it.


Sorry, but a religion that condones killing people for publishing a book really isn’t a religion of peace.

Yale University is refusing to publish cartoons and images of the Prophet Muhammad in a new book about those very pictures, which inflamed anger in parts of the Muslim world in 2006 — even as a growing tide of writers and artists say they are ready to take such risks for free speech.

And Yale?  They think they stand for free speech.  But if they cow to others it is just as bad as if they censored someone else’s speech.

This is how you handle it…

Author Sherry Jones has weathered threats for writing “The Jewel of Medina,” a novel that depicts sex scenes involving Muhammad and his bride Aisha. Her original publisher, Random House, put the book on an indefinite hold following concerns that its content would be offensive to Muslims.

“I decided to take a stand for free speech and publish my books in spite of threats and violence because I wanted to make a positive difference in the world,” said Jones, who will publish a sequel, “The Sword of Medina,” in the fall.


“Yale University Press’s decision, like that of the executives at Random House, does the opposite,” she said. “Self-censorship changes our world for the worse.”

THIS is how you handle it…

The Danish cartoons set off a storm of rallies and riots worldwide and drew an assassination plot against leading cartoonist Kurt Westergaard. In response, all of the major Danish newspapers and about a dozen others reprinted the cartoons in protest.

So of all places, in a country that places very high value of freedom of expression (except in Town Hall meetings, apparently), Yale, a college supposedly quite capable of turning out leaders… they took a FAIL and caved to a bunch of violent extremists whose societies by and large have basically lain stagnant for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Nice.  Way to go, Yale.  Way to stand up for something.  Proud of you.  Mmmm-hmm.

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