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Neck update:

This update has nothing to do with the title of the post.  Today, another nerve is definitely dying.  Rotten little bastard.  How can a spot feel numb yet hurt like hell to touch?  You got me.  But it does.  It’s that “I just ripped off a hangnail and two square inches of skin around my fingernail came up with it” feeling.

This is just a part of a good process.  In a few days, only Cthulhu will be left (yes, I give names to these nerves that cause my sanity to unhinge)


Gee, do you think?

Democrats accused of using Kennedy’s death to advance reforms.

Just wait for a blustery denial of how they would never sully the great man’s memory or name.  NEVER.  Ever.



On NPR I heard a rosy glowing outlook for the economy.

I see two things wrong with this assessment.

1) Americans lost their shorts in both their stock investments and their home values.  Their spending behavior will not go back to previous levels (levels which were unsustainable and hedonistic).

2) From Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s blog:

The Baltic Dry Index measuring freight rates for bulk goods and commodities has been falling almost continuously for eleven weeks, dropping from 4,290 to 2,778 on Thursday.

This index is the bellweather for production indicators.  This is as regular as tides, as gravity, as death, and as taxes.  If that index goes up it’s a measure of how good everything is going.   He goes on to say:

There is something wrong with the entire recovery tale, which ignores the fact that excess plant is still at the highest level since the Great Depression (capacity use is 70pc in Europe, 68pc in the US, 65pc in Japan, and as low as 50pc in some countries, according to the World Bank’s Justin Lin). Companies will have to cut jobs and investment.

Soaring “confidence” indicators have decoupled from reality. The world economy is still prostrate. GDP has shrunk 4pc, 6pc, 8pc, even 12pc or more in a large group of countries. There it more or less sits, like a deflated soufflé.

3)  Nothing has really changed that warrants a sudden reversal of reality in the space of 1-2 months.

So that was three things.  Sue me.


I *loathe* cheaters.  If you want out that bad, get a divorce and then have at.  But this guy… he’s the first where I say “Geez, you actually seem to care and have remorse.”

I could be wrong.  He may be doing it because he doesn’t want a costly divorce.  But, give him the benefit of a doubt, and if he doesn’t do it again, “Ok, good on you, dude”.


The Dude passed on a link where John Stossel wrote a good piece pointing out how racial issues are brought up both for real reasons and then they are used as a shield from legitimate criticism.


No, I can’t point to a concrete reason why this is a bad idea.  But I can point to the Law of Unintended Consequences.  This law is very powerful and nowhere is it as prominent as when it comes to the fore in the human body.

Three parents to create an offspring.

They make it sound good.  They have good intentions. You can make the same claims with the use of Thalidomide.

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