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Neckdate:  No real change, sorry to say.  Glad that this weekend is here and I can take it easy.  The days have been long this week.  Really long.   Time slows to a crawl when you are (1) smarting and (2) on narcotics and muscle relaxants.

Next week will be better.


Regarding CNN’s premature reportation…

“BREAKING NEWS: Suspicious boat in river near Obama in DC. Police scanner reports of shots fired. Circumstances unclear.”

Ok, so it was a coast guard training exercise.

But then at the White House, where they feel compelled to give classroom lectures – to everyone:

“My only caution would be that before we report things like this, checking would be good,” Gibbs said.

Hmmm wonder if they gleaned that bitingly wicked-smart piece of insight from Obama spouting off about stupid policemen?


Head on over to http://www.freakingnews.com to find more weird stuff.

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