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Pluggin’ Away.

A co-worker, Capricious Half-Breed, pointed out a great comic, Penny Arcade.

This is not your kid’s comics, folks.  One of the artists has Swine Flu.  Naturally, Swine Flu strips have been sighted.   To convince you that you probably want to check it out, I’ve linked the very first one I ever saw.  Hi-freakin’-larious.

http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2008/5/26/  - by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins

http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2008/5/26/ - by various people - go see the site

Just thought I’d do my part to add to their visibility.


Wall Street Journal op/ed on Obama “Failing Miserably“.

What all this means is, barring some unforeseeable world event, Obama’s will probably not be a historic presidency. He will have some successes and a lot of failures. His opposition won’t roll over, and his party will refuse to go along with his more costly, and thus risky, schemes. He won’t coast to reelection.  [more…]

Problem I foresee with a black president “failing miserably”.  Just wait for the cries of “it was racism!” instead of “Boy he sure fooled us with his grandiose puffed-up idears, didn’t he, Mabel?”

We’re already seeing how two simple words “You lie!” can be considered racially-charged by those who are just hoping beyond hope that they see an honest-to-God case of Whitey beating down a Brother.

I don’t care if the guy was my favorite color of green, his policies still scare me.


Oooh, more racial divide!

The Rev. Floyd Rose called for Valdosta City School Superintendent Dr. Bill Cason’s resignation Monday night.


Rose went on to say that any offer to show the speech later is not acceptable, he said.

“Here is what I know, here is what you know, here is what the hundreds of people here and out in the street know,” Rose said. “If Dr. Cason were black and 80 percent of the school children in his district were white, and he arbitrarily decided not to allow white children to watch a white president’s ‘back to school’ speech,’ and whites came here tonight in the numbers that blacks have come to protest, he would resign, or be fired. And we are here to demand no less.”


Rose got a standing ovation after his address to the board.

Cason then responded to what he called “allegations and accusations.”

He said that he received notification of the speech only several days before it was scheduled to be shown.

Cason went on to say that lesson plans were included to be used before, during and after the speech.

During his comments a person from the audience shouted “He lies!”

As the lesson plans were presented they did not align with [Georgia Performance Standards], Cason said.

Any offer to show the speech later is unacceptable, huh?  Why?  He doesn’t care about whether it is shown or not, he’s mad because of a perceived slight and nothing will suffice besides getting even with the superintendent.

Hey, wait… isn’t the “He lies” remark a case of black on white racism?

No, because black folk are genetically incapable of racism.  It’s commonly known.

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