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Don’t you think?

Thanks to Black Lab on Crank, an observant co-worker, you can now visit FedBizOpps and see where your money could be going.  Yes, you too can be paid by your government – in effect paying yourself – to grow marijuana for mass consumption.

As BLoC said:

See the questions and answers.  One guy asks if he can grow more than is required for the contract.  Another says he lives in the UP and knows of an area “that I feel would be the best for growing.”  Yeah, I’ll bet.  The spelling is hilarious, too: “Can I distribute to medical patience in Michigan and/or put up a distribution store.”  Yeah, knock yourself out.  Roadside stand?  Why not.  – Lemur King co-worker, BLoC

And we blame Afghani farmers for growing poppies?

Ok, sure so they aren’t looking for individuals to do this, rather big organizations.  They ought to be seeking out the right people in Humboldt Co. in California.  I hear California is looking for revenue streams.

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