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If you’re like me, the idea of sustainable caviar sounds terrific.

I wonder if they can do it for the Masago? (Capelin)

Why do I care?  Because I’m going to be making uramaki tonight.  Alas, I wish it were truly sushi/sashimi, but the cost of getting sashimi-grade fish to the midwest… not meant to be.   Cruel Wife loves california rolls – not Japanse but still pretty tasty – so I will make some up.  Some Masago or Tobiko would go nice though.  I forgot to pick up Unagi when I was at the store (eel).  Bummer.

When I make my first million dollars, I’ll order this.  Or maybe I’ll just fly to the best sushi place I can think of and order up about 20lbs of assorted tuna pieces.


Teacher found guilty of putting hot sauce in autistic kid’s soda.

“I love all my autistic children,” she told WFOR. “That’s why I’ve done it for so many years. It’s not an easy task but I love doing it. And whatever happened was not done intentionally.”

How do you unintentionally grab hot sauce, unscrew the lid or rip open the packet, place it above a soda can, and then hold it there long enough for sauce to go into the can?

Like, your Honor, the gun just went off!

It makes about as much sense as “accidentally” stabbing someone to death with 37 stabs.


Good God, in this day and age, someone finally displayed some common sense. Thanks for reporting this, WESH-2 (Orlando, FL)

The lady had more cats in her home than allowed by law, a fire that was started by carpenter ants burned the home down with some of the cats.  Technically it is a fine-able offense, having that many cats.  But then:

Animal Control was going to fine Spivey up to $4,000, but Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood said that would be inappropriate.”What purpose are we going to accomplish by fining her when she’s just lost her house and everything in it,” he said. “I think a little compassion here is in order.”

The police chief deserves recognition.


“It’s not you, it’s me – you repulse me.”

Where was that said?  I mean, besides my own experiences on the dating scene.


Speaking of repulsive.  How the hell do you pile garbage 8 ft high in your home?  And then die under it… that’s plain sad.

The Florida Times-Union reports that officers were checking on Carina E. Decampo late Tuesday, after worried family members called to say they hadn’t heard from her in weeks.

How worried can a family be if they allow her to live in such squalor?

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