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The Holy Grail.


The Dude sent me a link to this.  You see he and I love Pulp Fiction.  It’s pathetic really, but there it is.  Cruel Wife isn’t so hot on Pulp Fiction but she says she can appreciate parts of it – can’t wait to see what she thinks of the Broadway Musical version of it.

(And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers)

So here is a remix for Pulp Fiction…


Update #2:  Very VERY good reason to hope that Barney Frank is removed from office soon.  Him and all of his ilk.

'We Are Trying On Every Front To Increase The Role Of Government'...


If you haven’t read the reviews on Amazon (dot com) for the Wattgate 381 Audio Grade Duplex Socket by Wattgate, you should drop whatever you are doing and do so now.  Amazing testimonials, all.

A review read thusly:

Yesterday the hospital called me. My grandmother had had a car accident, and was in surgery. I rushed there, and a nurse friend of mine (bow-chicka-wow-wow) got me into an observation room off the OR. I watched my grandmother’s heartrate flatline. The crash cart rushed over, and instead of a defibrillator there was a Wattgate 381 Audio Grade Duplex Socket and a screwdriver. I watched, still in shock as they placed the screwdriver into my dying grandmother’s hand, and carefully guided her hand to the socket and had her insert the screwdriver into the socket.
Immediately, there was a bright flash, and my grandmother jumped up on the operating table and started singing the most beautiful opera I have ever heard. I think it was Carmen. Whatever it was, it brought tears to my eyes. And the socket wasn’t even wired to any other electrical system!
My grandmother has completely recovered, and a major label just signed her new punk-rock band. She no longer drinks or smokes either! And I owe it all to the Wattgate 381 Audio Grade Duplex Socket.
Thank you so much Wattgate 381 Audio Grade Duplex Socket!!!

P.S. I now carry a Wattgate 381 Audio Grade Duplex Socket and a screwdriver with me at all times, in case of emergencies. I will never be without one again.  – Paul Johnson, Minnesota

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