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When is Art No Longer?

As I said, I’ve been feeling artsy again.  A friend of mine who goes by the name Fossilips is a pretty good photographer – really good.  She manages to catch images of this squirrel outside of her place that she suspects drinks tequila and smokes cigarettes.  So I took one of her images and… viola.

squirrel drunk_smallDamned if the little bugger doesn’t drink tequila.  I’ll catch him smoking cigarettes next.


I’ve been artistically jump-started lately.  As I’ve been wandering around deviantART and ConceptArt (and many many seedy places and great places, too) I’ve run across this theme now and then:

Some Guy Whose Name is Omitted Here says:

December 18, 2008 at 12:04 pm

those are all really fantastic, but i can’t help but feel saddened that we are in a sense automating our creative processes. it makes you wonder to an even greater extent, if art you see was forged out of hard work and love, or simply ‘photoshopped’ =/

I’m pretty sure someone said the same stupid thing when film was first being used, too.  It was probably said when the first artist to use mass-produced bullwhips took a photo of himself with it stuffed up his arse, rather than make his own bullwhip from a cow he grew from a calf born after mounting and impregnating the mother cow himself.

Think, people.  Think.


Fox News called today.  It was a poll.  They asked Cruel Wife some questions and asked her about her feelings towards the health care reform issue.  She told the lady, who was shocked and surprised that someone had the intelligence to say “On what basis, constitutionally, does Congress believe they are authorized to do this?”

Natch, Cruel Wife said that she listened to Yours Very Truly, and agrees with the Glorious Lemur King’s feelings on the matter 100%.  Which is good since the Lemur King is a verifiable genius.

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