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Emergency Update:

Obama is going to pre-empt A Charlie Brown Christmas for his speech.  Is there no end to this guy’s narcissism?


Sent out in the PatriotPost – this picture is so… poignant that it hurts.  I love it.  Whoever you are who put words to this… you get a free dinner if ever you come my way.

I know I saw this coming a long time ago – I knew we’d run into these issues – and here they are rearing their ugly heads, over and over and over and over.


A decision I don’t think I could live with.  Forced to choose between saving your child and your spouse?  I wouldn’t be alive long after this.


Apparently now your government sees fit to tax you in a higher rate bracket if they decide that you have a “cadillac” health plan.  Guess what?

Your president thinks so, too.

On Sunday, President Obama said he saw the need to protect union members, but he also defended the tax. “I do think that giving a disincentive to insurance companies to offer Cadillac plans that don’t make people healthier is part of the way that we’re going to bring down health care costs for everybody over the long term.”

Any justification they can find, Constitutional or not, will be found and rooted out in order to offset the costs of this boondoggle of a health care “reform”.

A good part of social engineering relies on disincentivizing unwanted behavior using monetary chastisements.

How’s that Obama Vote Working Out for You?

The prez said he saw the need to protect union members BUT defended the tax, which is a great way of saying he didn’t really give a rat’s ass what happens to union members.

It’s all about control.  And you who voted in this congress and this president are giving away all your control – and the rest of ours – one piece at a time.  Thank you so much for that.

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Public Safety Announcment follows this new material…

SCIENTISTS at the University of East Anglia (UEA) have admitted throwing away much of the raw temperature data on which their predictions of global warming are based.

It means that other academics are not able to check basic calculations said to show a long-term rise in temperature over the past 150 years.  – TimesOnline.Co.UK

In spite of these grave actions, those who wish to believe in AGW  claim that this changes nothing, in effect trying to use the same thought processes that lead people to believe the philosophical myth that you cannot prove a negative.  Actually you can if you agree to base your arguments in reality:

The preponderance of data seems to show that we are not currently warming up.

The scientists that committed the “boo-boo” have said:

We do not hold the original raw data but only the value-added (quality controlled and homogenised) data.  – CRU Website

In other words – we can’t prove our outrageous claims but you can trust us, what we’re showing you is legitimate and even better than the original data. “Quality controlled and homogenized”?  To the layman, this means that the data was extensively massaged to lean wherever the hell the scientists wanted it to lean.  Their models have to have a great number of assumptions built in and to not release the data means that they do not want the scrutiny, which also means that their conclusions are highly suspect.  No scientist ever destroys data.  That would be like saying that a mechanic puts pebbles in the cylinders as he is putting on the head gasket and getting ready to button the engine up – it just isn’t done.

Seems to me that the larger problem is how many people who have predicated their research on Climate Change in the echo-chamber lined with the CRU-doctored data and James Hansen’s (NASA) own credibility issues.

This is a technique I need to use with the IRS.  Really, my records were lost but my spreadsheet here shows that I only owed $0.79 and am entitled to almost all of my withholdings.  Honest.  Why would I lie to you?

****Public Safety Announcement****

Ok, I poo-poo’ed the H1N1 flu.  Yes, I think I got it back in July.  Yes I survived.  Yes, I felt like dying.

Most people survive just fine.

If you happen to be like a friend of mine, you get sick, you get sicker, you get can’t-breathe-hacking-up-blood hospital sick, you then decide to get ICU sick, the CDC steps in and authorizes  a five-day course of Paramavir in convenient almost-at-death’s-door IV form.  Then you decide to live but strangely the plan seems to be recovering in a period of weeks and months, not days.

Granted, he had all the classical bad things working against him.  Overweight, asthmatic, high blood pressure, overworked…

The CDC has some information posted that I find to be irresponsible and granted they were aiming it at a less educated group, but medical and scientific organizations need to stop talking down to people – people can and do ask questions and rise to the occasion when they need to figure something out.  Dumbing shit down just dilutes the message and conveys nothing useful.

When soap and water are not available, alcohol-based disposable hand wipes or gel sanitizers may be used.* You can find them in most supermarkets and drugstores. If using gel, rub your hands until the gel is dry. The gel doesn’t need water to work; the alcohol in it kills the germs on your hands. –  CDC (http://www.cdc.gov/H1N1flu/qa.htm)

You are left thinking “Hey, all right, alcohol is good!” and then you read on to where it says “the alcohol in it kills the germs on your hands”.

What?  H1N1 is not a germ.  It is a virus.  So by making that last sentence read the way it does, it puts in doubt whether these folks know what they are talking about.

Yes, influenza viruses do have a lipid coat on them which is susceptible to alcohol.  Some viruses don’t walk around with a lipid coat stolen from the host cell (when they disperse via budding).  Great.  But is the H1N1 something that I can count on to not be atypical?  Should I trust what I’m reading when someone interchangeably uses “germ” and “virus”?

Scientific Blogging has two good links, the first of which makes mention of Benzalkonium Chloride (sometimes referred to as BC or BAC) and is a quaternary ammonium compound.  It will kill the viruses.

Stop for a second… no hand sanitizer is a good substitute for washing your hands.

Good info on hand sanitizers:


Interesting info on influenza:


Lastly a link with a data/promotional sheet on a BC product.  Aimed at MRSA originally.

Click to access H1N1%20-%20COMMENTS%20AND%20PREVENTION.pdf

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THAT is dedication.

Wanna see a real hero?  How about one that will do the crazy to save a little girl?  I don’t know many people that will make a dialysis machine on the spot like that.  Or can.  (many thanks to SlashDot – cool article – the original is here.)

SlashDot ended with:

You should see what Dr. Coulthard can build using a postage stamp, a tuning fork, a lawn chair and a jellyfish.

I’m dying to know…


If you were this ugly, would you want to live this long?

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Thought for the day:

Just think… if Benjamin Franklin had had his way and the Turkey was our national bird, we’d be stuffing and eating Bald Eagles right now. – Lemur King

No eagles were harmed in the making of this image - note the pheasant tail feathers that are still in place.

Andy by the way, fellow Moron Bloggers and others – eat, drink, and be merry for you know you have today but tomorrow is never certain.  Squeeze your ‘other.  Give your kids a hug.  Hug your dog.  Hug your cat… your hamster,  your rat, and most certainly do not forget to hug your lemurs.  Give two hugs to the lemurs, they are quiet long-suffering types and could use the validation.


I could go on how I’m thankful for my family, a job, a dog, a dinner  – but you can read that sort of thing anywhere.  Everyone is thankful for something and no one set of thanks are more special than another.

But let’s look at some thanks that aren’t so special.

Helen Thomas is thankful:

Helen Thomas: This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for a black president...

This is very far away from a racism-free society even now.  It is far from color-blind.

When I value my president based on the color of his skin, I’m a racist.  I don’t care how “progressive” this proclamation of Thomas’  may seem on the outset.  It may seem that all is well, for why shouldn’t we be glad that things are reaching closer to equality and that the nearly unthinkable happened?

But what we should celebrate is that a man’s skin color did not impede his run for the highest office in the land – NOT that we are thankful our president is black.

There is a huge difference there and I’m shocked that it is so widely seen as a subtly nuanced distinction.  It must be nuanced or why else would so few people call her on it?  Surely she cannot be anything but right..?

The racist nature of this issue is highlighted in a recent poll (Gallup).  Across the board, in every subset but one, President Obama’s ratings have slipped by double-digits – but one.  That category is the black population.

If race and skin color were not an issue, then you would expect any slips in popularity to be completely uniform throughout all subsets.

I say we should be thankful that skin color did not stop a black man from running for president.  That it did not stop him from winning is an amazing event.

But to say “I’m thankful for a black president” is another thing entirely.  The true litmus test of any statement like this is to remove the subject in question and replace the subject with it’s exact opposite.  If I were to say:

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for a white president.

Sounds pretty awful, doesn’t it?


From the “Yeah, it’s ridiculous but not worth getting irate about” department…

A little lighter fare – how Disney is totally whack-job racist.  Most of it was BS, but I did have to agree with the question of why Aladdin was a whitebread cracker.

And the Uncle Remus issue.  Why the hell was this guy not allowed to be present for the screening of a movie he starred in?

Or, back up a step or two… my mother had this book when she was a little girl and I think it’s upstairs in the folk’s attic.  I read it when I was a little kid and had no idea that it was anything other than a story to anyone who read it, but I look at it today and shudder.

Peppered throughout the book was something like “His big ol’ fat mammy and a slice of chocolate cake.”  Pretty damned offensive but it goes to show you that we have come a long ways in 60 years.

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For the life of me, I cannot figure China out.  Baby formula, dog food, lead toys, building lead ore smelting plants next to towns, and poor blood practices giving an entire town HIV.

What do they all have in common?  The same thing that the bird flu situation in China stems from.

Somehow, China always seems to have excuses for why they can’t live by a set of rules.

At a conference a flu expert from China gave a report.

“Some local healthcare authorities are reluctant, unwilling to test patients with severe pneumonia because there’s some latent rule which says the more H1N1 deaths, the less effective the control and prevention work in your area,” Zhong said.


Zhong told the Chinese media last week that China may have had more H1N1 flu deaths than it has reported, with some local governments possibly concealing suspect cases.

The doctor is known for his candor and work in fighting Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in 2003, when nationwide panic and international alarm erupted after it emerged that officials hid or underplayed the spreading epidemic.

Couple that with China’s inability to police themselves, allowing great open-air markets where wild birds are allowed to come in contact with poultry meant for purchase and consumption.

Time to drag third world countries kicking and screaming into civilization.  You argue that China isn’t third-world because they’ve launched things into space?  They are trying to cover up deficiencies by “proving themselves to the world” – until they achieve the harder task of becoming a society with a conscience that can uniformly adhere to sound practices, they haven’t proved a thing.

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I’m probably evil right down to my coal-black heart, but I laughed my ass off at this movie.  Eco-nuts are trying to shock me into emotionalism so I won’t say “Uh, what is the connection between 400Kg of CO2 from jet aircraft and polar bears falling out of the sky?”

But I laughed my butt off and still asked the question.  Sorry Eco-Nuts.

If you are sensitive or have small children, might I suggest you go find the Disney website?


Enough about polar bears hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement – its been done already on WKRP in Cincinnati using turkeys …

Or go here, and look around 17:30 into the show on Hulu. Honestly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  The best line ever comes on at 19:30 into the show.

… so now lets look at the jobs situation hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement.


What?  Did they think these animals were family pets beforehand?  They’re meant for eating.

Bardot and protesters:  Put yourself in the place of the animals.  Literally.  If you’re willing to sacrifice your life for that of the animals, if there really is parity, then please do jump in.  If you truly believe that the animal is that important, you shouldn’t have qualms about taking it’s place.


This is hands down the single worst nightmare I could ever have.  My mind just skitters right over it when I try to imagine it.  A similar thing is if I try to recall exactly what happened when I had my arm compound-fractured in a plywood machine… the brain just skitters over it.  Can’t go there.

Trapped in your paralyzed body for 23 years and everyone thinks you are asleep.

If it were me, and they finally “woke me up”… I’d be insane.  No joke.  I’d be insane.  Crazy as a bedbug.


What?  Being nice in the world gains you nothing when the people you are dealing with don’t like you?  But I thought a great big hug, an apology on behalf of all Americans that you aren’t authorized to give, and a rousing round of Kumbaya… well… shouldn’t that just work?

Obama’s Nice Guy Act Gets Him Nowhere on the World Stage

Say it ain’t so!

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Fright Club

I rather enjoyed Fight Club where Tyler Durden suggests that raiding liposuction clinics for fat to later be rendered to make soap to sell back to the now-thin rich once-obese affluent clientele.

How beautiful is that, huh?

It seems that art imitates life.  I certainly hope life didn’t imitate art in this case.

Killing peasants to use their fat for European cosmetics?

Here is the staggering part:  That fat goes for a whopping price of $59,335 PER GALLON.

Cripes, hook me up! In spite of the denials, what if liposuction clinics already do this?

I know they probably don’t, but then you have to ask: Why were these animals butchering people for their fat?

This is one case where you don’t want a product named after you.
They need to arrest people for this. It is certainly the best possible use of a policeman’s time since the very act of paying someone to spit in your face is well known to be the gateway to other behaviors like drive-by-shootings, beheadings, armed rampages, rape, drug dealing, and yes, even democrat candidacy.

A 39-year-old Southern California man has been arrested for misdemeanor child annoyance after allegedly paying a teenager $31 to spit in his face. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department says Charles Hersel was arrested Wednesday in a sting operation at a mall in Thousand Oaks.

How do you make a sting operation where you try to arrest weirdos who solicit kids to spit in their face?  Does this happen a lot?

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cbullitt has an interesting load of information for you over at Soylent Green.   Keep in mind I only read his stuff for the articles.  It seems to have a lot to do with this whole Global Warming disaster and how some guys who “discovered it” are now maybe going to (pardon the expression) know what it means to be dry-humped.  (my daughter can’t read yet so I can get away with writing that)

I promised McGoo this image so this image he will get. It is NOT high quality but not bad for an hour or so.  Amazing how hard I had to work to get her legs apart enough to add the pogo stick.  Yes, I’m talking photoshop.  Sheesh.

Sorry McGoo, can’t do anything too graphic here because… well, if my daughter saw it, I’d have to explain why daddy felt like putting that there and then I’d have to explain to her why Cruel Wife called daddy a perv.

So this’ll have to do.  In answer to the “Holy **** on a pogo stick!” imagery.

It's bigger if you rub the graphic with your mouse. Clicking might help.

I’m still looking for a decent lipstick smudge to add to it.

It seems that a little explanation might be in order.  You see (if any of this is really true) in the beginning there was data, and scientists said “This will not do, for our funding dryeth up like our women’s teats, and children and younger women do not worship our brains or the sweat of our loins”.   Or some sh*t like that.

And so, one day, a man named Mann lookedeth at his data through eyes squinted tight, he lookedeth truly askance, and by hyperventilation and fasting began to see how the Great Data could be massaged and certain conclusions teased out of the mass of numbers.  Then he witnesseth a prophecy that would be self-reinforced in the Echo-Chamber of Starving and Lonely Climate Scientists, and he saw that they could move the minds of the masses and their leaders alike through fear and ignorance.  And he saw how this could be achieved by f*cking with the numbers like a true asshole.

End of story.  Maybe… or maybe not.

Gore has a lot riding on this as do his acolytes and they have written their own bible.  Faith of that sort brooks no dissent.

I posted this over at cbullitt’s a while back but I want to show it here.  It is from the bible of the ANTI-Gore.  It is how things SHOULD work.

Urkel 23-19

The path of the conscientious man is impeded on all sides
By the inequities of the Goreans and the tyranny of liberal men.
Blessed is he who, in the name of science and hard facts,
Shepherds the plebeians through the gauntlet of lies,
For he
is truly history’s keeper and the finder of “lost” data.
And I will wipe My feet with thee with great volumes of pure truth
Those who attempt to tell convenient lies to My brethren.
And you will know My name when I lay the burden of proof upon you.

If you made it this far, you should be rewarded.  With real facts.  God knows no one on the hysteria side have done that much for you so far.

How the global warming industry is based on one MASSIVE lie.

Ross McKitrick sums up the Yamal tree ring affair in the Financial Post


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Do it for the Squirrels…!

Tequila Squirrel returns in another installment.


Once the brain goes into “art mode” it doesn’t turn off easily.  It actually won’t, barring death, dismemberment, fire,  job loss, or doing Google searches using the wrong words (see below).


US AG Holder defends choice to try terrorists in US Courts as “a tough call

The prospect of these dirtbags getting free on technicalities when they are not US citizens but terrorists who have attacked the US on it’s own soil does not make for a tough call.  Trying to figure out how to spin it so your liberal whacked out thought processes are internally consistent, not that is a tough call.


Obama didn’t have a very tall pole tox leap in order to give “his sternest warning yet” on deficit spending.  Crap, the idiot has been piling fuel on top of the fire since the first day.  He’s been spraying diesel on it and dumping magnesium powder on the flames.

I’d venture to say that it is his first “stern warning” and if not, it’s not far behind.

President Barack Obama gave his sternest warning yet about the need to contain rising U.S. deficits, saying on Wednesday that if government debt were to pile up too much, it could lead to a double-dip recession.

This sounds too much to me like he knows a double-dip recession is already looming (which many of us already knew) and he’s trying to “groom the witness” (himself).


If you are looking for wheel bearing grease…

For the love of all that is good and holy and innocent, do not… and I repeat – DO NOT use in Google the search term “Lube”.


As soon as I hit enter, I knew I had made a fatal error.  I’m pretty sure with that one keystroke a thousand kittens died.

Even with a long hot shower and a steel bristle brush, you will never feel clean again.

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This and That.

I saw a FreakingNews.com contest yesterday.  It mentioned how it is the 60th birthday of the AK-47.  The contest was to take an AK-47 and do whatever your heart desired.

So I did.


Click it and it'll get bigger.

And over at Moonbattery, Van Helsing posted something a while back that I just love.  My God, why didn’t I think of that one?  It is beautiful.  I have this nasty suspicion that ultimately the end results are quite similar to JonesTown kool-aid.  (those of you who are younger, go look that up)


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Bowing Out

Update: Quest for tobacco…

If you remember Tequila Squirrel:

I’m searching for a proper cigarette stock image that can be used to provide Tequila Squirrel with a cigarette.

squirrel-cropI’m not a smoker and it is surprisingly difficult to find a good pic of a cigarette where the lit end is pointing toward the camera and the lit end hanging down 30-40 degrees.  Until I find one, this squirrel will not have his fix.  Yes, I could build one from scratch but that takes more effort than I want to spend on a cigarette.


Bacon Mints.  Oooooooh… yeahhhhhhh.

bacon-mintsKeep it right next to the Meatball Bubblegum.  Ain’t America grand?

meatball bubble gum****

This was the top billing story of this post, but lots of other stuff knocked it out of the top spot.

In an unintended wry mirroring of reality, Obama bows yet again to another head of state.

He bowed to Saudi Arabia’s king and now to Japanese emperer Akihito.  A bow so low as to signify a Kohai/Senpai relationship.  I’m pretty sure Obama meant to show respect but this is ridiculous.

What it does though is mirrors the absolute truth, which is that Obama is pretty much outclassed by everybody.

APTOPIX Japan Obama AsiaI don’t know that I want my country’s leader bowing to anyone.  Shaking hands as a sign of respect among equals is what I expect and would only be polite to any head-of-state.  But to bow such as to put yourself in a deferent/inferior position?  Obama, you sicken me.

No wonder troops in Afghanistan are demoralized.  They answer to a man with all the spine of a sea cucumber.  He defers to others and cannot make tough decisions when they are needed right now.

That’s not what I call being made of stern stuff.

The left recognizes this and has tried to make up for his lack of respectable achievements by making t-shirts – Respect the President.  As Van Helsing (see below) noted:

Funny, I didn’t see any moonbats wearing these shirts before their Messiah’s ascension.

Interesting note… I was cruising around looking for a picture of an exploded cupcake, found one of an exploded refrigerator, and stumbled on to Moonbattery. I like it.  The archive page there is LONG so it’ll take a bit for your computer to catch up.  Scroll down to the “Acorn Flavored Kool-aid”.

Don’t agree with every last thing but then again this would be a sad sad country indeed if we all thought exactly the same way. Most things, though… yep!

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I’d buy this guy’s wife a beer.

Him, I say we find some pliers and a blowtorch.  He’s earned it.

Cheryl Roberts, 61, suspected her husband David was accessing chatrooms to lure girls into sex so she set up a different computer in their home to pretend she was a 14-year-old girl and caught him in the act.


Spanish region of Extremadura teaches teens art of masturbation

Ok.  That seems like something they’d have never figured out for themselves.  Curriculum vitae for their schooling?

MSTRB8-101:  How to touch your inner child.

MSTRB8-102:  Whipping the Weasel – touching on the finer points

MSTRB8-103:  Suzy loves Suzy – a chick-flick of a love story

MSTRB8-201:  Self Pleasure and “Found” objects

MSTRB8-202:  Shame – why chicken choking and putting the panty hamster through it’s paces  is OK

MSTRB8-203:  Woodworking Today – polish, wax, and oil application

MSTRB8-301:  Sock puppetry

…all the way on up to the advanced courses…

MSTRB8-403:  How to not have sex with that man/woman (course intro by ex-President Bill Clinton)

A snippet from the NY Daily News, who are amazingly neutral.  Emphasis is mine.

The Guardian reports that the $20,000 campaign includes workshops that feature masturbation instructions. There also are leaflets on self-respect and contraception.

The region’s socialist government aims to help teenagers with “sexual self-exploration and the discovery of self-pleasure.”

“The campaign is simple, clear, natural and easily understood by the people it is aimed at, who are aged between 14 and 17,” [Laura Garrido,] says.

But not everyone in Spain supports bringing masturbation into the realm of public education.

“This is an intimate subject that should be dealt with at home,” says Hernández Carrón, a member of the opposition People’s party. “We have become the laughing stock of Spain.”

That may be so, but alone in the bedroom, teens from Extremadura will have the last laugh.

I got nuthin’ more to say other than:  “Americans, are you SURE you want to go down this gov’t knows everything Socialist path?”.  You better be sure, becasue it’s what you’ll get if you don’t watch it.


All right, lets stop this in it’s tracks.

A Virginia family has a 14 year old son who was/is an athlete, he got his swine flu shot, and now has Guillain-Barre Syndrome.  The irresponsible title of the news article reads:

Virginia Family Claims H1N1 Vaccine Sickened Son

I’d be highly surprised if he had Guillain-Barre without having had a shot.

Guillain-Barre can result from any shot where there might have been something foreign that the body responded to.   Case frequency for the regular flu shot is around 1 in 1,000,000.


It is very rare but yes it also can get you if you have never had a flu shot.  How about them hysterical apples?  It’s an immune response triggered by a foreign substance in the body and the body attacks the myelin sheaths around nerves – – acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. .

Most people with treatment will make a complete recovery. A few do die.  Some don’t make a complete recovery.

The point?  The point is that if you should suddenly hear from the crowd that freaks out about global warming, saccharine , DDT-is-always-bad,  charred-meat-is-dangerous, and injections-cause-everything crowd… well, tell them to research it.  There’s more danger from the disease than the shot, and likely you’ll recover from both just fine.

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How to be a Stellar Spammer

Note:  The topic of the post is the second item below this amazingly weird snippet…

For a certain segment of the population, they don’t need to take the MMPI (personality test).  Everything you need to know about them – and the answer to “should they be locked up?” (yes, without hesitation).

Making a teddy bear from your child’s placenta.


I am addicted to Shin Cups.  Yes, there you have it.  I am Lemur King and I am addicted to Shin Cups.  I eat one every day. Every time a new person comes on board at my company, they get a complimentary Shin Cup – the first one is free.

And I use chopsticks.  A billion plus orientals slurping noodles with sticks can’t be wrong.  Actually it is MUCH less messy using chopsticks and impresses the hell out of the chicks.  Like that matters in the least – guess how many engineering chicks there are in the world?  Well, I married one of them and they stopped tracking the other one years ago when she chewed the transmitter out of her arm.

So anyway, I happened upon this not-new posting about a new breed of chopsticks – The Chork.


Bless those Geekologie.com folks…


There seem to be a few rules that really generate strong returns for spammers.  They are worth reading because I really respond well to these, myself.

  1. do not use capital letters or punctuation because they distract
  2. Incomplete sentences best
  3. Grammer suck ass
  4. Make the e:mail to an individual from that individual
  5. Use catchy personal hooks like “shoot her in bed all night” or “First Class Hardons” or “Make Your Zipper Prominent.  Make Your Python Active.”
  6. Appeal to the reader’s insecurities:  “Target Her G-spot!” or “Impotent Info” – because this stuff really is effective
  7. Share knowledge like “Best Lust Recipe” or “Recipe of Hotter Lust”
  8. Be endearing:  “Please Read, My Friend”
  9. Make sure the spam appears to be coming from the recipient’s boss, requesting a homosexual tryst.
  10. Send the same exact e:mail twice.
  11. Send the same exact e:mail twice.
  12. NEVER use spel check:  “Hey, read this rigth now!”
  13. Tell the recipient the obvious:  “New message received.”
  14. Add “-inator” to any word in the subject line.
  15. Be obscure about… you know.
  16. Use symbolics:  “Hi m8!”
  17. Use the word “herbs” in the subject line.
  18. Use nonsense sentences:  “My Revenge for Schollyears.”
  19. Tell me about bad things:  “Your membership stopped”
  20. Get manic about euphemisms:  “Hoisters for your Pork-Lever” or “Become her drillosaur!”
  21. Shock:  “Ronald McDonald Gangbanged”
  22. Interest them with a mystery: “Guess who I am.”
  23. Fear:  “You’re fired.”
  24. Appeal to the inner miser in your audience:  “Up to 75% on Rolex”
  25. Curiosity:  “What Jolie’s underwear hides.”    (It’s a advert for cosmetics.  So I hear.)

Just a few simple rules.  You too can succeed.


I geeked out.  A nerd-shwing to the 10^5 power.

Digital Rat Brains.  Who knew that simulating the murine brain could lead to self-organization of the structure?  (I’m so geeked I need a cigarette and a shower)

How much power does the human brain require to operate?  (about 20 Watts)

Lastly, use this op-ed for a basis of a cool discussion.  Swine Flu Conspiracy.


Ok, this is a lot like bitching for compensation when the free software you are using isn’t working right.

ACORN sues over unconstitutional funding cuts by congress:

Representatives for ACORN sued the federal government Thursday morning in an attempt to regain the millions of dollars in funding the community organizing group lost after filmmakers videotaped its workers offering advice on how to commit tax fraud and various other felonies.

The suit charges Congress with violating the Constitution when it passed legislation in September that specifically targeted ACORN to lose federal housing, education and transportation funds.

Uhhhhh… giving funding in the first place isn’t constitutional, so we really ought not be going there.

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