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The alternate title on Drudge was “Who is to blame?”   The link takes you to NPR’s article titled “Answers Sought On Fort Hood Suspect’s Link To Imam”.

At what point in our nation’s history did we start asking stupid questions like this?  Who is to blame???  The ass who pulled the trigger and killed a bunch of good people, that’s who.

Let’s stop thinking “blame” beyond this guy and his actions.  Let’s then ask “Hmmm.  What might we do in the future to avoid this?”

I know the NPR article did not ask that question but I also know damn well there are politicians, reporters, the president, and generals all asking these questions as they try to assign blame and responsibility.  It starts and ends with the guy who pulled the trigger.

Now how do you make sure it doesn’t happen again?  This is a very bad mindset that we’ve slipped into – where we don’t recognize that people are responsible for their own actions and that not everything can be made safe.

Update 2:

Obama says Hassan may have cracked under the stress.

You know, I’ve been under obscene amounts of stress in my life, and I have yet to think that getting a gun and killing my buddies and co-workers was anything other than vile.  Stress does not make you contact Al-Qaeda.  Stress does not make you converse with violence-minded imams.

No, you have to be a special kind of asshole to do this.  Stop playing race issues, Obama.  White cops “acted stupidly” and now minority murderers are simply “stressed”.


Was looking for some vector graphics tonight because making flourishes isn’t exactly worse than scrubbing toilets but it isn’t much better, either.

I came across some that were for nearly $100.  “Yoiks!” I said.  But then I saw that they were animated flourishes that not only got drawn over time but also changed shape and orientation.  Oh how very nice they were.


Looks like Global Warming just keeps marching on.  Get thee behind me, you inconvenient truth, you.

According to NOAA…

National Overview:

Temperature Highlights – October

  • The average October temperature of 50.8°F was 4.0°F below the 20th Century average and ranked as the 3rd coolest based on preliminary data.
  • For the nation as a whole, it was the third coolest October on record. The month was marked by an active weather pattern that reinforced unseasonably cold air behind a series of cold fronts. Temperatures were below normal in eight of the nation’s nine climate regions, and of the nine, five were much below normal. Only the Southeast climate region had near normal temperatures for October.
  • Statewide temperatures coincided with the regional values as all but six states had below normal temperatures. Oklahoma had its coolest October on record and ten other states had their top five coolest such months.
  • Florida was the only state to have an above normal temperature average in October. It was the sixth consecutive month that the Florida’s temperature was above normal, resulting in the third warmest such period (May-October).
  • The three-month period (August-October) was the coolest on record for three states: Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Five other states had top five cool periods: Missouri (2nd), Iowa (3rd) , Arkansas (5th) , Illinois (5th) and South Dakota (5th) . Every climate division in Kansas (nine) and Nebraska (eight) recorded a record cool such period.
  • For the year-to-date (January – October) period, the contiguous U.S. temperature ranked 43rd warmest. No state had a top or bottom ten temperature value for this period.

Did you catch the importantest part?

It was the sixth consecutive month that the Florida’s temperature was above normal

Refute THAT, you naysayers.

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