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I’d buy this guy’s wife a beer.

Him, I say we find some pliers and a blowtorch.  He’s earned it.

Cheryl Roberts, 61, suspected her husband David was accessing chatrooms to lure girls into sex so she set up a different computer in their home to pretend she was a 14-year-old girl and caught him in the act.


Spanish region of Extremadura teaches teens art of masturbation

Ok.  That seems like something they’d have never figured out for themselves.  Curriculum vitae for their schooling?

MSTRB8-101:  How to touch your inner child.

MSTRB8-102:  Whipping the Weasel – touching on the finer points

MSTRB8-103:  Suzy loves Suzy – a chick-flick of a love story

MSTRB8-201:  Self Pleasure and “Found” objects

MSTRB8-202:  Shame – why chicken choking and putting the panty hamster through it’s paces  is OK

MSTRB8-203:  Woodworking Today – polish, wax, and oil application

MSTRB8-301:  Sock puppetry

…all the way on up to the advanced courses…

MSTRB8-403:  How to not have sex with that man/woman (course intro by ex-President Bill Clinton)

A snippet from the NY Daily News, who are amazingly neutral.  Emphasis is mine.

The Guardian reports that the $20,000 campaign includes workshops that feature masturbation instructions. There also are leaflets on self-respect and contraception.

The region’s socialist government aims to help teenagers with “sexual self-exploration and the discovery of self-pleasure.”

“The campaign is simple, clear, natural and easily understood by the people it is aimed at, who are aged between 14 and 17,” [Laura Garrido,] says.

But not everyone in Spain supports bringing masturbation into the realm of public education.

“This is an intimate subject that should be dealt with at home,” says Hernández Carrón, a member of the opposition People’s party. “We have become the laughing stock of Spain.”

That may be so, but alone in the bedroom, teens from Extremadura will have the last laugh.

I got nuthin’ more to say other than:  “Americans, are you SURE you want to go down this gov’t knows everything Socialist path?”.  You better be sure, becasue it’s what you’ll get if you don’t watch it.


All right, lets stop this in it’s tracks.

A Virginia family has a 14 year old son who was/is an athlete, he got his swine flu shot, and now has Guillain-Barre Syndrome.  The irresponsible title of the news article reads:

Virginia Family Claims H1N1 Vaccine Sickened Son

I’d be highly surprised if he had Guillain-Barre without having had a shot.

Guillain-Barre can result from any shot where there might have been something foreign that the body responded to.   Case frequency for the regular flu shot is around 1 in 1,000,000.


It is very rare but yes it also can get you if you have never had a flu shot.  How about them hysterical apples?  It’s an immune response triggered by a foreign substance in the body and the body attacks the myelin sheaths around nerves – – acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. .

Most people with treatment will make a complete recovery. A few do die.  Some don’t make a complete recovery.

The point?  The point is that if you should suddenly hear from the crowd that freaks out about global warming, saccharine , DDT-is-always-bad,  charred-meat-is-dangerous, and injections-cause-everything crowd… well, tell them to research it.  There’s more danger from the disease than the shot, and likely you’ll recover from both just fine.

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