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Bowing Out

Update: Quest for tobacco…

If you remember Tequila Squirrel:

I’m searching for a proper cigarette stock image that can be used to provide Tequila Squirrel with a cigarette.

squirrel-cropI’m not a smoker and it is surprisingly difficult to find a good pic of a cigarette where the lit end is pointing toward the camera and the lit end hanging down 30-40 degrees.  Until I find one, this squirrel will not have his fix.  Yes, I could build one from scratch but that takes more effort than I want to spend on a cigarette.


Bacon Mints.  Oooooooh… yeahhhhhhh.

bacon-mintsKeep it right next to the Meatball Bubblegum.  Ain’t America grand?

meatball bubble gum****

This was the top billing story of this post, but lots of other stuff knocked it out of the top spot.

In an unintended wry mirroring of reality, Obama bows yet again to another head of state.

He bowed to Saudi Arabia’s king and now to Japanese emperer Akihito.  A bow so low as to signify a Kohai/Senpai relationship.  I’m pretty sure Obama meant to show respect but this is ridiculous.

What it does though is mirrors the absolute truth, which is that Obama is pretty much outclassed by everybody.

APTOPIX Japan Obama AsiaI don’t know that I want my country’s leader bowing to anyone.  Shaking hands as a sign of respect among equals is what I expect and would only be polite to any head-of-state.  But to bow such as to put yourself in a deferent/inferior position?  Obama, you sicken me.

No wonder troops in Afghanistan are demoralized.  They answer to a man with all the spine of a sea cucumber.  He defers to others and cannot make tough decisions when they are needed right now.

That’s not what I call being made of stern stuff.

The left recognizes this and has tried to make up for his lack of respectable achievements by making t-shirts – Respect the President.  As Van Helsing (see below) noted:

Funny, I didn’t see any moonbats wearing these shirts before their Messiah’s ascension.

Interesting note… I was cruising around looking for a picture of an exploded cupcake, found one of an exploded refrigerator, and stumbled on to Moonbattery. I like it.  The archive page there is LONG so it’ll take a bit for your computer to catch up.  Scroll down to the “Acorn Flavored Kool-aid”.

Don’t agree with every last thing but then again this would be a sad sad country indeed if we all thought exactly the same way. Most things, though… yep!

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