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I’m probably evil right down to my coal-black heart, but I laughed my ass off at this movie.  Eco-nuts are trying to shock me into emotionalism so I won’t say “Uh, what is the connection between 400Kg of CO2 from jet aircraft and polar bears falling out of the sky?”

But I laughed my butt off and still asked the question.  Sorry Eco-Nuts.

If you are sensitive or have small children, might I suggest you go find the Disney website?


Enough about polar bears hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement – its been done already on WKRP in Cincinnati using turkeys …

Or go here, and look around 17:30 into the show on Hulu. Honestly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  The best line ever comes on at 19:30 into the show.

… so now lets look at the jobs situation hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement.


What?  Did they think these animals were family pets beforehand?  They’re meant for eating.

Bardot and protesters:  Put yourself in the place of the animals.  Literally.  If you’re willing to sacrifice your life for that of the animals, if there really is parity, then please do jump in.  If you truly believe that the animal is that important, you shouldn’t have qualms about taking it’s place.


This is hands down the single worst nightmare I could ever have.  My mind just skitters right over it when I try to imagine it.  A similar thing is if I try to recall exactly what happened when I had my arm compound-fractured in a plywood machine… the brain just skitters over it.  Can’t go there.

Trapped in your paralyzed body for 23 years and everyone thinks you are asleep.

If it were me, and they finally “woke me up”… I’d be insane.  No joke.  I’d be insane.  Crazy as a bedbug.


What?  Being nice in the world gains you nothing when the people you are dealing with don’t like you?  But I thought a great big hug, an apology on behalf of all Americans that you aren’t authorized to give, and a rousing round of Kumbaya… well… shouldn’t that just work?

Obama’s Nice Guy Act Gets Him Nowhere on the World Stage

Say it ain’t so!

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