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For the life of me, I cannot figure China out.  Baby formula, dog food, lead toys, building lead ore smelting plants next to towns, and poor blood practices giving an entire town HIV.

What do they all have in common?  The same thing that the bird flu situation in China stems from.

Somehow, China always seems to have excuses for why they can’t live by a set of rules.

At a conference a flu expert from China gave a report.

“Some local healthcare authorities are reluctant, unwilling to test patients with severe pneumonia because there’s some latent rule which says the more H1N1 deaths, the less effective the control and prevention work in your area,” Zhong said.


Zhong told the Chinese media last week that China may have had more H1N1 flu deaths than it has reported, with some local governments possibly concealing suspect cases.

The doctor is known for his candor and work in fighting Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in 2003, when nationwide panic and international alarm erupted after it emerged that officials hid or underplayed the spreading epidemic.

Couple that with China’s inability to police themselves, allowing great open-air markets where wild birds are allowed to come in contact with poultry meant for purchase and consumption.

Time to drag third world countries kicking and screaming into civilization.  You argue that China isn’t third-world because they’ve launched things into space?  They are trying to cover up deficiencies by “proving themselves to the world” – until they achieve the harder task of becoming a society with a conscience that can uniformly adhere to sound practices, they haven’t proved a thing.

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