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Thought for the day:

Just think… if Benjamin Franklin had had his way and the Turkey was our national bird, we’d be stuffing and eating Bald Eagles right now. – Lemur King

No eagles were harmed in the making of this image - note the pheasant tail feathers that are still in place.

Andy by the way, fellow Moron Bloggers and others – eat, drink, and be merry for you know you have today but tomorrow is never certain.  Squeeze your ‘other.  Give your kids a hug.  Hug your dog.  Hug your cat… your hamster,  your rat, and most certainly do not forget to hug your lemurs.  Give two hugs to the lemurs, they are quiet long-suffering types and could use the validation.


I could go on how I’m thankful for my family, a job, a dog, a dinner  – but you can read that sort of thing anywhere.  Everyone is thankful for something and no one set of thanks are more special than another.

But let’s look at some thanks that aren’t so special.

Helen Thomas is thankful:

Helen Thomas: This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for a black president...

This is very far away from a racism-free society even now.  It is far from color-blind.

When I value my president based on the color of his skin, I’m a racist.  I don’t care how “progressive” this proclamation of Thomas’  may seem on the outset.  It may seem that all is well, for why shouldn’t we be glad that things are reaching closer to equality and that the nearly unthinkable happened?

But what we should celebrate is that a man’s skin color did not impede his run for the highest office in the land – NOT that we are thankful our president is black.

There is a huge difference there and I’m shocked that it is so widely seen as a subtly nuanced distinction.  It must be nuanced or why else would so few people call her on it?  Surely she cannot be anything but right..?

The racist nature of this issue is highlighted in a recent poll (Gallup).  Across the board, in every subset but one, President Obama’s ratings have slipped by double-digits – but one.  That category is the black population.

If race and skin color were not an issue, then you would expect any slips in popularity to be completely uniform throughout all subsets.

I say we should be thankful that skin color did not stop a black man from running for president.  That it did not stop him from winning is an amazing event.

But to say “I’m thankful for a black president” is another thing entirely.  The true litmus test of any statement like this is to remove the subject in question and replace the subject with it’s exact opposite.  If I were to say:

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for a white president.

Sounds pretty awful, doesn’t it?


From the “Yeah, it’s ridiculous but not worth getting irate about” department…

A little lighter fare – how Disney is totally whack-job racist.  Most of it was BS, but I did have to agree with the question of why Aladdin was a whitebread cracker.

And the Uncle Remus issue.  Why the hell was this guy not allowed to be present for the screening of a movie he starred in?

Or, back up a step or two… my mother had this book when she was a little girl and I think it’s upstairs in the folk’s attic.  I read it when I was a little kid and had no idea that it was anything other than a story to anyone who read it, but I look at it today and shudder.

Peppered throughout the book was something like “His big ol’ fat mammy and a slice of chocolate cake.”  Pretty damned offensive but it goes to show you that we have come a long ways in 60 years.

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