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So the mother got mail that was sent to her son in the military returned and stamped “Deceased”.

She finds out that he’s actually alive.

What does she do?  Is she just happy and thankful that her son is alive and well?

No, she’s taking it as a personal affront, acting like a pissy little six-year-old, and talking about a lawsuit.

She is seeking damages for emotional distress, loss of income, attorneys fees and other expenses.

A claim for $118,000 in damages…

Then the news article goes on to say what they should have said up front, that she’s a leftist anti-war protester.

“This happened while he was … being shot at in Baghdad. That’s not OK … not to even say oops or sorry,” Najbar, a clinical social worker, said Tuesday.

Najbar has never received an apology or an explanation from the Postal Service, the suit said. She described the incident as “somebody’s cruel little joke.”

Najbar, 58, has publicly challenged U.S. military action in Iraq. In December 2005 she spread red fabric on the Capitol steps in St. Paul in a silent protest and met privately with Gov. Tim Pawlenty. Her son was among 2,600 Minnesota National Guard soldiers Pawlenty had visited in Camp Shelby, Miss., days earlier.

We’re a nation of whiny litigious wimps.


The UN, like certain data-hoarding and data-hiding scientists we all now know, is also going to hide information and just hope that events force everyone to go along with it.

The United Nations, which has been telling the world that it must cut back dramatically on its greenhouse gas emissions, has finally decided to practice what it preaches. But the world body isn’t coming clean on the full costs of its self-greening effort with the member states who foot the bill.

The greening effort is an issue with some urgency, since the U.N. — and the world — are on the eve of the much-touted Copenhagen meeting on greenhouse gas emissions, which begins Dec. 7 and ends Dec. 18. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has been leading an unprecedented lobbying effort by the ostensibly neutral world organization to pressure member states into signing a drastic, multitrillion-dollar deal that would dramatically reshape the world economy.

George Russel, Fox News

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