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Update (Saturday):  Had to work last night and into the wee hours this morning and then this morning and afternoon.  I just got done buttoning a project up (for now).  But tonight after the kids go down… digital poop will be re-visited and this time hopefully with some skill evident – I promise!


I think you can crap ASCII or Octal or Hex but Binary… the toilet paper must be like using a handful of sewing needles.

So, for LC Aggie Sith, here is the start, the first crack. Yes, it is quite dark still.  Click it and it will get bigger and easier to see.   Not edited up to make fun of my intended target yet.  Tomorrow.  I must go to bed.

But yeah you could crap in binary.  It’s a squish in the matrix.  Happens when they strain something.


This is cool and very very disturbing… dirt.  Really wicked dirt.

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