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It was supposed to be a slam dunk.  Float in using god-like powers, turn on the god-like charisma, and give a god-like speech… and the rabble would flock to his benevolent god-like loins.

Oopsie, guess not.

Stole the graphic shamelessly from Soylent Green – read more about it there.


I am not supporting domestic violence, but there is such thing as freak accident.  What if he had tripped and his hand hit her there?  Three years in jail seems a tad excessive since by no means could you reasonably expect to kill someone with a remote nor would you ever have reason to believe that it might even be possible.

Paul Harvey, 46, killed Gloria Laguna by a fluke chance after the remote struck her on a weak artery near her neck.

The 48-year-old died from a massive brain hemorrhage as Harvey tried to give her the kiss of life.

Harvey, an electrical engineer of Euston, central London, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in March.

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