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Update: If you’re prayin’ folk, Haiti could sure use it.  That’s some serious hurt down there.  3M out of the country’s 9M people in need of aid, initial (sometimes wild) estimates of 100K dead, fires, collapsed schools (heartbreaking), and hospitals collapsed.  Bad bad bad.


Updated, and I am happy with it.


Democrat Dreams

Comments & critiques…   Thoughts?

If you want this as a badge, your suggestions are kind of critical, IMHO.

Here’s v0.3, a quick update of it:

Preview it in my sidebar below…

On to moronitude. One test concept to throw out.  Some kind of banner would be a good goal, but…  not sure whether it should be self-mocking or a real slam on liberals of all stripes who think that if they say something enough times it will be true (think: Nothing will happen if we cap executive salaries at AIG and they’ll learn a hard lesson).


The democrats seem to be following “The Chicago Way”.


If you can’t believe Pravda, who can you believe?

Sheep Gives Birth to Human-Faced Lamb in Turkey.

Better than “Turkey gives birth to sheep-faced human” I guess.


You just can’t find good ads like this anymore.

Or these

Before feminazis everywhere descend upon me like a swarm of venomous locusts, remember that Cruel Wife laughs at this stuff and knows that I don’t mean it.  If she thought for a second that I really meant it… let’s just say she’d wait until I was asleep and go probing around my brainpan with a phillips screwdriver.

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