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Injurious Duty

update: this guy has balls like a tiger. I don’t normally say that about stunts.


I got a call today while at work.

Minding my own business working on a particularly hairy design revision – which, coincidentally, looks an awful lot like sitting there stupidly and almost-drooling – and I hear the sound of a flushing toilet.

As it turns out the flushing toilet sound is the ringtone on my cellphone that tells me that Cruel Wife is trying to get ahold of me.  I think she knows, but I’m not sure, and I’ve never wanted to ask lest we arrive at her knowing by the self-tipping of my own hand.

Anyway, the phone rang flushed and I madly scrambled for it.  I flipped it open and said nonchalantly “Hello…?”  I like to answer my phone in unique ways and sometimes “Hello” is refreshing.  Last week I answered it “Heidi’s House of Pain.  Heidi speaking.”   The week before that was “Joe’s Bar and Grille – Bar speaking.”  Our conversation went like this:

Cruel Wife: I screwed up.

Lemur King: Okayyyy…

[screeching tires and sound of racing engine, muttered swearing]

Cruel Wife: I forgot to call in for Jury Duty last night and I didn’t show up this morning.  Sh*t… sh*t… sh*t… sh*t.

[Sound of hyperventilating and nauseous gulping on other end]

LK: Good one!  Where’s Frankenboy?

CW: In the car with me.  [screeching of tires, sound of tortured metal]   I’ll call you when I know more.

LK: K!  Have fun!

Turns out Cruel Wife dodged a metaphorical/figurative bullet.  She showed at the courthouse a full hour and a half late to find that she was juror #150-something and they only called up to #140-something.


I don’t believe it… I actually agree with Hillary Clinton on something.

Clinton did not single out critics [of the US aid to Haiti] but said that “some of the international press either misunderstood or deliberately misconstrued” the US decision to send troops along with civilians to Haiti.

It hasn’t been the international press.  It’s been leaders and top people of countries (FRANCE, ITALY) that are supposedly our friends.

This isn’t misunderstanding or misconstrued.  This is one of two things – they aren’t intelligent enough to be allowed to remain in control of anything, including the office supplies cabinet – or – they are more interested in taking shots at the US than rolling up their sleeves and doing more.

Those that bitch have no idea what it takes to take care of half a million people plus several hundred dead bodies at the drop of a hat.  I defy anyone to do better, and if they think they can they should step up and take the lead at the next disaster.


For the record… don’t bury me until you know I’m brain dead.  M’kay?

Man discovered alive in his coffin.


Alien life could already be among us, Scientist says.

Just now figured that out?  Hell, we’ve had women among us for millenia and he just now figures it out.   What a maroon.  He should write for New Scientist.


Been looking at art, fonts, ideas, concepts… found a sort of retro look website.  Love the lead-in page… Rejected robot.

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