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A Break from the Usual Fare

Update:  Had a very very bad episode with the neck issue last night.  Hit a 9 on the pain scale and stayed there for eight hours or so.  THAT is what narcotics are meant for, and sadly I couldn’t take any w/o messing with a newer lesser painkiller (non-narc) that did absolutely nothing – zip, zero, and zilch.  Now down to a bearable 4-5 with excursions into 6 territory.  No blogging tonight, I’m sure.  Too wiped out.


I was shocked.  SHOCKED at the price of oxtails.  It’s a frickin’ TAIL for gosh sakes.  But I still want to make this:

Herbed Oxtail Terrine Recipe

It’s basically meat-flavored jello.

I’ll post a beef stew recipe I whipped up a few weekends ago.  Really really good and uses not one single herb.

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