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Metal Lust.

Update from Breitbart:

Some climate scientists are calling for drastic changes in how future United Nations climate reports are done.

I know!  How about you put facts in it?


I may take some heat for this, but I wish First Ladies would ALL just sit down and shut the hell up.  An example of what is torquing me:  Obesity is a National Security Threat.

“This epidemic also impacts the nation’s security, as obesity is now one of the most common disqualifiers for military service. – Mo’bama Mama

Ok, if the military *really* needs people, they will relax that obseity rule and then work the snot out of them in basic.  This “impacts national security” crap is ridiculous.  Face it, if you want the best of the best of the best – odds are the most well-adjusted and intelligent individuals will not have let themselves get overweight.  Before anyone gets snotty – *I* am overweight.  If I were better-adjusted I wouldn’t be in this situation.  Just the cold hard truth.

When you hire a guy to be a CEO of a cheese factory, is his wife now somehow an expert on cheese, or a national health care expert, or perhaps even one who is an expert on national security?  Do we even care?  If we DID care, we’d have hired HER instead.

Cruel Wife doesn’t bring me along to talk to the clients that need metallurgical expertise and I don’t bring her along to talk about instrument design.

This isn’t aimed at Mo’bama Mama, this is targeted at all of the presidents’ wives (or future wives/husbands).  Just sit down and shut up.  Go have a tea party or go golfing or something.


See, I ALREADY want one, and then Cruel Wife sends me this link showing me why I want it EVEN MORE.

No, I’m not talking about a “younger model”, which would just be stupid and besides I’d never want one anyway – CW is all I ever need.  (right, honey???)

No, it’s a Gear Ring.  Damn damn damn.  Play the video.

My bet?  Within 3 days Enas Yorl has one.

(I’m just envious, bud)


Time for another of my famous product endorsements.

Which I never do, by the way.  And I’m not going to start.

Cruel Wife said that there was a sampler that she received.  Either try it or throw it out because she couldn’t tolerate them, intestinally speaking.

So I just tried a Fiber One Chewy Bar™ with 90 Calories.  That was 15 minutes ago.  Word is they have 20% of my daily fiber requirements.

I believe it, because I just burped up sawdust.  Twice.

Kill me.  Kill me now.

later, as in “the next morning”…

Should have killed me.  FOCB’s work “as advertised” but I really think I’ll just eat sawdust next time.  The flavor will be better.


It can’t get any funnier/sillier than this… on the senate.org website:

The following Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works hearings have been postponed due to inclement weather this week:

– The Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, Subcommittee on Water and Wildlife, will hold a hearing entitled, “Collaborative Solutions to Wildlife and Habitat Management.”

– The Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works will hold a hearing entitled, “Global Warming Impacts, Including Public Health, in the United States.”

Once the hearings are rescheduled, information will be posted at http://www.epw.senate.gov

4′ drifts of snow.  28″ of snow a few days ago.  another foot of it expected today.

To the global warming bedwetters:  This looks bad for your cause, it really does.

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This gets top billing over bodice-ripper stories.

Honk Kong Dieters Warned Over Swallowing Parasitic Worms to Lose Weight

The subtitle?

Dieters in Hong Kong have been warned by government doctors that they may be risking their lives by swallowing parasitic worms that can grow up to 15 inches long.

Let me put this as delicately as I can… ah… uh… ah…

What the hell is the exit strategy?

Aggie Sith’s response in the comments section signifies to me that we need Amusing Bunni’s graphic re-posted here for the convenience of yourself, Casual and Constant Reader…


I suppose AGW could be caused by bodice-ripper novels and sweaty nipples, but I rather doubt it.

Since glaciers don’t have much connection it looks like Rajendra Pachauri (IPCC head) is going to just hope that steamy romance novels do the job. Maybe if he gets enough people steamed up he could start some real warming.   Oh yeah, that’ll do it.

Nothing wrong with his subject material…

For a country where sex is rarely discussed in public the book mingles lectures on climate change with descriptions of Sanjay’s sexual encounters, including frequent references to “voluptuous breasts.”

And, being a member of the IPCC, he’s certainly no stranger to writing fiction.


When your time is up, it is UP.  And when it isn’t… man… this guy was NOT supposed to go.  Many thanks to Michael A. for being there to help out as he is and to take the pics (his site is just below the picture).  You can be sure I’ll be stopping by there more often.

A 28-year-old man was pulled from the rubble of a market in Port-au-Prince on Monday and has been admitted to the University of Miami’s field hospital in the capital, adjacent to the airport, according to hospital officials.

Poor guy looks like he’s been through a harsh month but man oh man.

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