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Have the folks down under wost a bit of weasoning abiwity?  Authewizing the use of ammonium nitwate fertiwizuh and poisonous gases seems (1) weawwy wisky and weawwy dangewwous, and (2) pwone to faiwyuh.

At least that’s the idea and it is diabolically simple and effective – IF you blow up all the wabbits.  Very direct solution, and I like that.  Blow them wabbits into little hausenpfeffer kibbles.

Riddle me this:  How much of the landscape do you have to blow up to get rid of fast-breeding wabbits?

All of it.

Better to somehow pit the Cane Toads against the Fuwwy Wabbits.  How about an advertisement campaign paid for by the American Taxpayer (because it’s all about Nat’l Security) to convince juvenile wabbits to lick Cane Toads?  Then in a fit of anger when they realize they’ve been conned the gang-bangin’ wabbits will take a gun and cap some toads.

NO!  WAIT!!!

We spray all the Cane Toads with carrot juice!  Cheaper than an Obama ad blitz.

Now how to get the wabbits to kill Cane Toads…


Update:  As happy as I’ve been with Bing, I question it’s results sometimes.  Case in point – search for “Australian Rabbit” gave me this image.  I’m pretty sure but could use confirmation that this indeed is NOT a rabbit.

Are we agreed that Bing might be at times an imperfect tool?

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