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Germany discovers that it is not as socialist as it thought.  Germany rejects European fund for Greece.

And as usual, those who are holding out their hands get pissed when someone doesn’t want to dump their cash in it.


Well, I got my desire to work on the Arcomage Project again.  (Earlier blogaboutit here)

A long time ago there was a game called Arcomage in the larger PC game “Might and Magic”.

It was a card game and you had to find the decks of cards and you could play them in Arcomage games in taverns around the realm.  The graphics were pretty blocky.  Now the game doesn’t play (M&M) since it is so old and the Arcomage game I purchased years ago won’t play because 3DO went DOA.

I decided I would make my own game.  Do the graphics on my own printed cards – only make five sets with a wood case – think of it in Steampunk with a dark wood and brass and leather.  Not sell a one so’s not to infringe on anyone.  Here’s some more samples of what I’ve ended up with.

I’ve dropped it for a long time because of my art mojo ran out of steam and while I was steam free I was learning gobs and gobs about how to get better.  Here is my latest inset graphic for a Succubus card that can be played in the game.  Yes, that is (drool) Salma Hayek.  I softened her up a bit and added some demonic wings to her.  You see this walking towards you there are two options – to be used like a toy sexually until you die or to run in fear and possibly be killed.  I’d have to sit down and think it over.

In response to Aggie’s query:

Oops. Meant to say “run in fear and STILL be killed”.  Given those options, I’d rather not die tired from running.


Pancakes and sausage on a stick – in chocolate flavor.  #8 (got mentioned and a pic)

Our republic is doomed.

And what these guys say about an “Egg Loaf”… heartily concur… jeez, people.


So how *do* you know when you are obscenely rich and might consider a philanthropological outlet for your largesse?

Why, when you buy a Superplexus.

Who is supposed to be honored on President’s Day?

Ibrahaema Doumbouya, 44, of Senegal, said he thought Obama has done enough of a “good job” since being elected to be added to the mix.

“It’d be my pleasure if he got honored for Presidents Day,” Doumbouya said.

Done a good job?  What has he done, exactly?

Anyway, they say Washington and Lincoln.  Okay.  I’m game.  I’m still at work as well, so pardon me if I don’t drop everything and run out to light a taper.

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Happy VD.

That is Happy Valentine’s Day to you.  Not “Happy Sexually Transmitted Disease”.

Here is a Shameless Plug for Weasel – isn’t that a great card?  It’s what I got for Cruel Wife – you can add your own text inside, too.

I like Weasel’s Zazzle stuff.  Even got CW a coffee mug wtih “Death from Above Kittehs” on it.


Daily Mail (dot co dot UK):

Interviewed by the highly sympathetic BBC, which still insists on describing the leaked emails as ‘stolen’, Professor Jones has conceded that he ‘did not do a thorough job’ of keeping track of his own records.

His colleagues recall that his office was ‘often surrounded by jumbled piles of papers’.

Even more strikingly, he also sounds much less ebullient about the basic theory, admitting that there is little difference between global warming rates in the Nineties and in two previous periods since 1860 and accepting that from 1995 to now there has been no statistically significant warming.

The admissions will be seized on by sceptics as fresh evidence that there are serious flaws at the heart of the science of climate change and the orthodoxy that recent rises in temperature are largely man-made.

That kind of wording is loaded.  It implies that we “sceptics” have little argument to go on and are waiting for tidbits of value doled out by the dogmatic AGW proponents.  That there, my friends, is biased writing at it’s best – stealthy unless you stop and read it more closely.


While over at cb’s place (Soylent Green) viewing his shameless pimping of some of my stuff among other stuffs, a randomly generated similar hits list had this topic “shameless self-promotion, humility, and blogging“.

Why do I blog?  Good question.  Let me count the ways…

  1. I’m a narcissistic person
  2. I meet new people, and very interesting people at that
  3. I read other’s interesting thoughts
  4. I’m a narcissistic person
  5. I’m opinionated
  6. Every now and then I have something to contribute
  7. I have NO humility (not that this is a requisite to be a blogger, whether you have it or not)


Cruel Wife sent me this, saying “I’m interested in going”.  Well, gosh darn it, so am I.  Probably drag the whole family along and about six geeked-out co-workers.

The World Steam Expo.   I mean, gee-whiz, it’s only in Dearborne.  I bet we could convince iamfelix to go, too – especially since we missed meeting up for the local Tea Party when it came through.  (If you decide to go ‘felix, I’ll buy the coney dogs and onion-rings)

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