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Perky Isn’t Always Bad.

Update – Succubus graphic using reader-suggested bat wings.

I suppose I could have tweaked the wings at that “wrist” joint, angled them down a bit and scaled them larger, but honestly, out of 105 cards I’ve only got ten more to go and I’m anxious to get them all done.  A lot of hours went into these damn things.


Yep, perky is mostly bad.  Rachel Ray drives me insane.

But this… this new product… ranks up next to Blair’s Death Rain Potato Chips.

What do you get when you combine these two wonderful things?

Mad Cow?  Angry Red Bull?  Pre-fried Beef?  Hell, NO!

You get Perky Jerky!

(click to read all about it)


All right!  We were being stupid with parasites BEFORE Honk Kong!

Good catch, strangepersons.com!

Again, in response to that kind of weirdness I must post Amusing Bunni‘s Cat.

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