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It Buuuuuuuurnnnnnsssss.

Update 2:  I get in to see the pain doc tomorrow.  Perhaps they can fix this new rash of neck-induced headaches.  Boy I hope so.

Update:  Oh Canada… that’s a laundry list of bad things, and it surely sucks to be you.  Sometimes though….


Looks like the RF ablation thing they did 7 months ago on my neck is pretty much worn off in the c3-c4 region, or somewhere in all that yucky muscle/nerve/bone place.

The most spectacular headaches arise from the most exquisite neck pain.   Last night I was up till quite late even with painkillers and a sleeping pill.

But I did get some artwork ready for review at an art show – dare I hope for selling it?

Anyway, I digress… So, they are – hopefully, as crazy as this sounds – going to burn them pesky lil’ nerves out again.


I said a short while ago that I didn’t respect a culture that allows men to cower and hide from return fire while behind the skirts of their women and from behind their children.

After several days of sporadic and inconsistent battles with Taliban fighters, Marines commanders say coalition troops came under heavy fire late Wednesday afternoon by insurgents who appear to be trying to regroup. In an effort to create hostility between coalition troops and local Afghans, insurgents are also reportedly using civilians as human shields – deliberately trying to force coalition troops to fire upon non-combatants.  – source:  Fox News

You can’t get much more chickensh*t than that.


Even though he couldn’t lead anyone out of a paper bag, he’s sure good at trying to face hard facts:

“There are those, let’s face it, across the aisle who have tried to score political points by attacking what we did, even as many of them show up at ribbon-cutting ceremonies for projects in their districts,” Obama said.

So “Let’s face it”, America! Obama says “Stimulus saved us from depression.”  I don’t know anyone who believes him unless they want to actually be deceived but hey, there’s a latin phrase that puts it out there:  Mundus vult decipi. The world wants to be deceived.

Can’t figure out what the hell is going through his head.   I’m still feeling pretty depressed and will until he leaves office.  Stimulus only made that worse.

Did you ever see a lame-ass try so hard to look tough? He's like a guy that wears LL Bean stuff and polo shirts to a game of paintball.


Attributed to David Ringham, IN, over at Fox News.

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