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Tiger Woods has apologized to everyone but the garbage-collector and his dog.

But WHY?

No one was wronged in this besides his wife and family.  The mistresses don’t get to count – they knew he was married.

As for his marriage, he said: “Every one of these questions and answers is a matter between Elin and me, issues between a husband and wife.”

And so should your apologies.  The corporations which cancelled contracts with him, perhaps he should apologize for his conduct where it reflects badly on them.  But that is it.

No one else is entitled to an apology, an explanation, or even to know the facts.  He did nothing wrong besides to his wife.

And a big Boo-Hoo for the mistress/porn-actress:

Veronica Siwik-Daniels, one of Woods’ alleged mistresses and a former pornographic performer, watched the event with her attorney in a Los Angeles radio studio. She said she wants an apology for the unwanted attention the scandal has brought her.

“I really feel I deserve to look at him in person face to face in the eyes because I did not deserve this,” she said.

Ma’am, you cheated with a married man.  You are the last one to deserve an apology.  We should all live our lives such that if our actions were exposed to the light of day we’d have nothing to be ashamed of.  That you did not do, and it is your fault.


WTF?  PANDA porn???

At some point, shouldn’t animals be allowed to go extinct?  I’d think this was a pretty sure-fire sign.


Ah!  Home sweet home.  Sorta.   Maybe.  No, not really.

Man bulldozes home to keep bank from foreclosing on it.

Good for him.

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