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My Materialism.

In response to Enas Yorl’s orgy of materialism – where he decided to blame me for his own sad actions, I might add; That is if I weren’t fully capable of taking the high road but I actually am and hence won’t add said commentary- I’ve decided to post things that I’d like to have and probably will have once I’ve saved some money.

Note:  I probably made no sense to begin with and then dug a deeper hole by embellishing the above paragraph, making it an unreadable mess.  Grammatically it is as if a seagull barfed three days worth of garbage on a white car hood.

Note #2:  Just giving you a hard time, Enas.

I love Japanese art and architecture.  Both pieces below are from ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Hiroshige (also known as Andō Hiroshige or Ichiyūsai Hiroshige)

Clear Weather After Snow at Kameyama - by Utagawa Hiroshige

What I find so appealing about Japanese art, in particular ukiyo-e, is the great range of detail using simple and well-placed lines, using woodcuts similar to intaglio multi-color print processes. (similar but different)

Eagle Flying over the Fukagama District - One Hundred Famous Views of Edo #107 - by Utagawa Hiroshige


Cruel Wife, on the other hand, appears to want glow-in-the-dark fur for articles of clothing – or so I can only infer given that she sent me this link.

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