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About all I watched of the Olympics was Curling (men’s and women’s).  My daughter and I sat there all through the women’s with Sweden and Canada.  Men’s with Norway and Canada.

Laconic Pup (co-worker) sent this to me and Black Lab on Crank added his observation “You’ll notice they don’t bother to list Venus.”

Proving that the Olympics are really for men, because Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus (or even further away, like another galaxy).

(just trolling for outraged female comments – if I truly believed that statement Cruel Wife would kill me in my sleep)


Chile’s earthquake shifted the earth’s axis and shortened our day by 1.26 microseconds.  Great.  Can we sue Chile for lost time?


Go see SteamedGlass’ work!  Nice work, dude!  Steampunk terrariums… awesome.

Sorry… botanical vasculum.


Be careful… you could poke an eye out with that flashlight.

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It appears that Soylent Green has trolls.

It’s kind of like mice – once one moves in you have a tendency for several.  I can safely say that nearly everyone who’s a regular at cb’s place kind of has their heart set on some quality trolls.  So far they are of the squeak-n-run variety.

What struck me rather forcefully was the common desire for an adversary – read: Troll (with a capital “T”) – that was of good breeding, intelligent, and able to debate in a coherent manner.  Moreover, it was strongly implied that said Troll be able to converse without the need for a personal attack unless one just made sense;  The important fact being that personal attacks cannot stand in place of intelligent reasoning.

A long time ago, back in the murky mists of time – as far back as August of ’09 – Harvey over at IMAO posted the blank image and invited everyone to add their text to it.   Well if that doesn’t sound like granting free license, I don’t know what does.

Point?  The point being that we need a badge or banner that is like the Jolly Roger – it must strike fear into the hearts of Trolls (and trolls) everywhere and announce clear-cut intentions.

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