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Wish I’d thought of the monitored sign.

Nauseatingly busy at work today.  Fire raining down on my head and the meds aren’t covering pain well with all the scrambling.  Yee.  Haw.  Will post more tonight but just wanted to say “Hi!”

Cat barf one is a repeat but gosh I love it.


If you are a power gimp-user then you really want to get the Wavelet Decomposition plugin.  It decomposes an image into it’s separate scales of size and puts each scale on it’s own layer.  Then it does a grain merge.  The beautiful thing is you can edit each layer (scale) and see it update in the image real time.  This allows you to target noise or features based on what scale it falls in.

If you are mathy-types and you love the Fourier transform, then wavelets are worth looking at, too.  You get all mentally erect.

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