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I don’t have anything to post tonight art-wise.  Plain tuckered out from today. I have something to post below this section but I’m still going to distract you with something far far better.

I am tickled to post a link to a piece of art that I’d pretty much kill to have.  I can’t pull a Yorl on this one because the piece costs more than I can afford but I’d Yorl it in a second if I could.

Homero Aguilar – Colombian artist (painter) – does great scenes that are surreal but not surreal.  They have a certain ethereal quality about them that catches the eye.  If you’ve never heard of him, you are in for a treat.

First time seeing this was funny because I was waiting for an eye exam (must’ve studied because I’ve got better than normal vision) and it caught my eye, so to speak.  This was on the wall and I sat and studied how many things were “not right” about it, or more accurately, warranted study.

There are a number of things that don’t seem to fit, and I’m pretty sure he intended it that way.  Even if he didn’t, the piece stands on it’s own easily and is all the more cool for it.

Serenity and Tilogia Zen are also fan-freakin’-tastic.


Regarding Nuclear Options…  I was able to squeeze out an opinion of Democratic handling of Health Care “Reform”.

Speaking of health, computer health in C0ngress is not good – they claim that it is Matt Drudge that is infecting a number of their computers.  I think it has less to do with Drudge and much more to do with their penchant for seeking out fetish sites featuring midgets and/or tranny pr0n.


Andy over at Steamboat McGoo’s (Aardvarks and Asshats) linked this, and it is beautiful.



Black Barbie dolls sell for less than White Barbie dolls?   How racist is that, huh?  Why should black kids get goods for a lower price?

Yes, I’m aware of the spin I put on it that is counter to the usual “everything that happens is probably done by whitey to get the brothers and sisters down” snap judgment.

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