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Why, oh WHY could I not have found a boob belt instead?

You put the sour milk back in the fridge… it ain’t gonna be better tomorrow, and she is way way way past her shelf date.

This is like The Ring… you view this and within 24 hours you’ll be dead.  Or wish it.

I was looking for a pic of Michelle Obama in a boob belt so I could ‘shop it onto the pic with the Barbie Dolls – white and black – and their racially different prices.  Imagine, making the white kids pay more for their Barbie Dolls.

(now if that doesn’t bait a troll, I am at a complete loss as to what will)

My vision is starting to get a bit less blurry so I’m going to go find a boob belt picture that doesn’t involve graphic porn or horror.

Ok, thanks to McGoo – who is more man on his bad day than I’ll ever be on my best – he sent me some boob-beltage, straight from Mibo herself.


Woman crashes her car while shaving her privates.

As Laconic Pup said, “I am beyond words…”   and “There’s like forty-seven things wrong with this.”

Here’s where it gets really weird…

Ex Husband Allegedly Held the Wheel While She Shaved, Neither One Noticed SUV in Front of Them


According to the arrest affidavit, the trooper asked her afterward why she didn’t hit the brakes when she saw the SUV. She answered bluntly, “I told you, I was shaving.”


I hear more and more people like this.  Allergic to radio waves?

Far more likely that he has a psychological issue where when he sees something he recognizes as being electronical he goes and has an episode.

I dare him to show his affliction in a scientifically organized double-blind test.

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